▶Chapter #2

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"I'm so pissed" i yelled through the apartment hopefully the noisy darn neighbors didn't hear, they most definitely would have their ears to the wall wishing it was thin.

Oh i almost forgot to introduce myself I'm sorry my name is Trillion...Allen trillion or just allen it's my last name, but most people use it anyways I'm 17 since a couple months ago. Don't ask how my birthday was cause it was shitty to say the least!

My idiotic brother got thrown in jail and as my birthday present i had to bail him out...with my damn birthday money, guess what the rest went to? groceries, rent & the light bill, that light bill was a BIOTCH i tell you a straight biotch if it was a person i'd BHBST (Back-Hand-B*tch-Slap-Them)...oh and im gay

I know! shocker right imagine how my brother took it!? I'll tell you about that later.

UGH!! i sighed for the umhp-tenth time tonight oh well might as well cook dinner, as i was chopping up the cherry tomatoes for the pasta sauce i was making for my spaghetti i couldn't help but humm some kind of song i honestly dont know why i do that its just so relaxing like when i cook i guess.

I couldn't help but try to remember what lukie said to me a few nights ago...what was it?...hookers, food, that annoying ass purple bear (i really don't like barney im sorry to those who do) & all alone by myself.




I get to be alone for a while "YASS BISH I DON'T NEED NOBODY" i thought as i hurryed up with my cooking and there was something else too.

For the past few days my brother's been gone someone has been calling the house phone like a freaking bill-collector god its annoying i wished they'd stop! yesterday it took me all my strength not to rip the cord out the wall.

when i got off work i couldn't help but feel like i was being watched but i didnt think anything of it cause my brother and his friends love to pull pranks on me outta the blue so i shrugged it off.

Any whoooi can't wait to sit down with my spaghetti and watch  "Home alone" i really do love that movie.  i know you're probably thinking wow he's lame but whatever i like what i like!.


"All by myyy sellllllllf don' wanna' beee awwe by me sellllf" i sanged once the thought of being all along in the house hit me like a cannon.

"No one loves me" i was beginning to go into my depressed mode.

I was laying down on my couch snuggled up with my favorite comforter while freckles was next to me...i was so comfortable & tucked under-halfway, in LaLa-land when some dumbf*ck yelled "WAKE UP!!" and i jolted up so fast the flash would be jealous.

And knowing me i was beyond PISSED cause no one wakes "Trillion GODDAMN allen" up when he is sleepy my brother doesn't because he does not want to feel the immediate death that comes when people disturbs my slumber nor does my teacher's classmates or principle hell not even the police officer there!!!

So when i got a good look at the SOB who's about to get reconstruction on their face. I felt so much anger & a gigantic blush hit me at the same time, all i could do was ask god why? why is there a gorgeous statue of rough muscles towering infront of me .

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