4 | Fashionably Not Invited

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There had been many times in my life when I wished I'd been born a boy

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There had been many times in my life when I wished I'd been born a boy. I'd wished it when I'd been forced to wear a frilly Easter dress when I was six, I'd wished it when I'd suffered through my first true heartbreak, and I wished it whenever it was that time of the month. And now I could add all of this to the list.

"Hold still, Taliana! You're gonna make me mess this up!"

I bit back a scream and slapped Marissa's hand away from my face. The tweezers that had been grasped in her fingers just a moment earlier went flying across the room, landing softly on the bed where I hoped they would stay.

Vanessa, who had moved quickly to avoid losing an eye to said tweezers, threw up her hands. "Stop being such a baby!" she chided, shooting me a glare as she snatched up the tiny torture device. "Plucking your eyebrows doesn't hurt."

"Speak for yourself," I whined, rubbing one of my throbbing brows. "This hurts like hell."

"Oh just hold still."

I winced, but obeyed nonetheless, inhaling sharply as Vanessa ripped out another hair. If it hadn't been for the fact that Sebastian's party was tonight, and the twins didn't want me showing up with them looking like a slob, they probably wouldn't have bothered with any of this. Part of me wished I had just refused to go, but it was too late now. I'd already gone through the pain of having my hair combed out and straightened; my nails clipped, filed, and painted blood red; and my skin exfoliated and buffed so many times that I wondered if I actually had any left. I'd be damned if I didn't go to this party, even if was in honor of my sworn enemy's birthday.

Plus, if I had anything to do with it, he wouldn't be celebrating many more.

What seemed like an eternity later, Vanessa put down the tweezers and Marissa held up a mirror so I could see what they'd done. 

"Thanks," I grudgingly admitted as I took in the sight of myself. "You did a good job."

"Don't thank us yet. We're not even anywhere close to being done."

My eyes made their way to the clock sitting on the dresser, the display flashing the current time of eight fifty-five. "You do know that we're late, right? If you do anything else, we probably won't even make it to the party before it ends."

"Of course we know," Marissa said as she grabbed a tube of lipstick from her dresser, proceeding to assault me with it. "We'll just be fashionably late."

I waited until she moved the dangerous red substance away from my face before speaking again. "Yeah, well, it's kind of seeming like you're going to fashionably miss the party."

"Oh chill out." Vanessa glanced over at me and handed her sister something that looked suspiciously like a pencil. "For a girl who supposedly doesn't want to go to this party, you seem pretty eager to get there."

"I'm just ready to get out of this damn dress," I grumbled, tugging at the indecently high hemline of my tight black dress as Marissa came close to stabbing my eye with that pencil. "And don't get me started on these shoes."

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