"I Love You..." Chapter 6

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Toby's POV

I was fully awake now. I had just woke up and had a full on migraine right now. I rubbed my head. Then I remembered the massacre that happened last night. Or is it still that night?

I looked over to see (Y/N), lying in a pool of her own blood; and just inches away, I saw my dads old, rusty hatchet. My head steamed. I hated my dad but that hatchet just happened to be my favorite.

I crawled over to (Y/N) as I started saying her name over and over again trying to awaken her from her deep sleep. I felt my face burn up. My neck cracked, this time it was really loud. I twitched not just because of my disease but of my fury of madness too.

Your POV

You wake up, instantly hearing your name being said, over and over again. You didn't move or anything. You just laid still there silently.

"Please don't leave... I-... I love you, (Y/N)..." A voice says, followed by a hug; a tight hug. You tense up, not knowing for sure who this person was. But even then, you still hugged the person back.
Short chapters still.

Hi guys :( sorry for the sucky ending I just did 2 chapters and I'm really tired but I got a lot done sorry about the sucky chap I will fix it soon. I'm really tired so I'm gunna sleep now zzzzz...... Stay..zzzzzzz.....Sweet..zzzz.....


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