the bed is cold without you

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A shiver went down your spine causing you to awake from your light sleep. You were confused as to why you were cold. Usually, with Ashley there beside you, you stay nice and warm. But it all made sense when you turned over and saw she wasn't there with you.

You had a hunch about where she was. You got out of bed, your sock-covered feet patting down the hallway to her music room. You could hear the sound of her beautiful voice before you even opened the door.

You pushed it open quietly and saw her sitting in her chair. Her guitar was pulled to her chest and you could tell she was singing something new because it was a song you didn't recognize.

You crept up behind her quietly and when you reached her you put your arms around her, pulling you into her warm embrace as you kissed her neck.

A few giggles fell from her lips. "That sounds wonderful baby." She craned her neck and puckered her lips for a kiss, which you gladly gave her. "Thank you. What are you doing up though?"

"You weren't there to keep me warm." She put her guitar down and closed her notebook that contained all of her lyrics. "Sorry, darling. I just couldn't sleep so I came in here to write a bit." You nodded and held your hand out for her. "Okay, but it's after four in the morning so can you please come back to bed now? I'm tired and it's awfully cold without you."

"Of course, baby." She kissed your hand and led you back to bed. "What kind of songs are you working on?" You asked curiously when you were cuddled up in bed together just a few minutes later. "An angsty song or two, a few love songs."

"About me?"

Ashley giggled and poked your sides playfully. "Of course those are about you, baby girl. Who else would I be telling the world that I'm in love with?" She joked as she pulled you in for a kiss. "I don't know." You blushed, laying your head on her shoulder. "Can I hear them?"

"One is almost finished, so soon, yes. The others have to wait a bit longer. But trust me, you're gonna love them." She whispered and started to rub your back. "I know I will. I love every song, baby. Now get some sleep. I love you."

Ashely closed her eyes with a contentful sigh, happy to be holding you close as she drifted off to sleep.

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