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I thought about mattia nd couldn't decide on what to do. It was stressful think about it so I went to sleep.

 It was stressful think about it so I went to sleep

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Samantha's pov

I fluttered my eyes open looking at the ceiling what time is it?.

I grabbed my phone from under my pillow and looked at it


Damn I thought I would sleep until tomorrow...guess not.

I stood up and put on some slides and went out of my room.

I looked around to see if anyone was around but no sight of anybody.

Probably they are all asleep.

I went downstairs slowly so the stairs went make a big noise

I heard some music and when I was down I saw ale on the couch on his phone.

S: I thought you were asleep

A: No can do

S: same ..

A: wanna do something fun?

S: yeah I'm feeling energetic for some reason

A: we should go spray painting

S: wait foreal!?

That actually sounded so much fun and maybe doing that it will make me get those deep thoughts off my mind for some time.

A: what do you say?

S: I'm in. But what if we get caught isn't that illegal

A: Calm down we won't get caught I have a special place

S: Let me put on  something that I won't mess up

A: yeah mostly black clothes ?

S: alright I'll send you outside in 2


I ran upstairs as quietly as I could and went in my room and looked for some clothes

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