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They settled down and waited to grab some food.

We sat on the table and ate.

I was proud of myself I didn't burn the kitchen down

We had just finished dinner and were now in kairis room

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We had just finished dinner and were now in kairis room.

They were playing their games while I was on my phone. I was on Instagram when I saw I got a Dm

I checked it out and it was troy!


Z- its probably late but.. you up 👀

S- I'm up 😂

Z- Yay! Wyd?

S- oh I was just watching my friends play

Z- oh your with your friends in quarantine?

S- it's a very long story:/

Z- I dont mind + I got nothing to do

S- K

S- basically my parents are sick in the hospital so the principal made some type of home fo the students whose parents are sick and I'm stuck with these guys from school

Z- guys

Z- I'm sorry for your parents

S- yea guys 😭

S- and its okay

S- there's no girls in this so yeaa just a lil bored 😐

Z- who are they

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