Some happiness can't be reclaimed

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Izuku stood in front of the huge looming gates of U.A.

He scanned the crowd of potential students. The freckled boy stood there for a moment before disappearing. Well, an outsider would have thought he just disappeared out of thin air. In reality, he was just insanely fast and stealthy. That's what ya get when you go through grueling training from the time you could walk.

Izuku now stood in the auditorium. It was empty because everyone else was stuck outside in the crowds. He stalked over to a seat at the very top in a shadowy corner and sat down. The boy waited for thirty minutes before other people finally started filtering in. No one took notice of him, which he was pleased with. Eventually, the auditorium began filling up so people started sitting in Izuku's row.

An ash blonde boy plopped into the seat next to Izuku with a 'tch.' He looked like he had permanent scowl etched into his face. The boy looked at Izuku and growled.

"Nerd, don't fucking look down on me." He stated grumpily. Izuku hadn't even done anything. How was he looking down on him of he hadn't even acknowledged the boy's existence? Izuku analysed the boy without even looking at him.

He internally facepalmed. How does someone have an inferiority complex and superiority complex at the same time? The ash blonde let out another growl. 

"Don't fucking ignore me you fucking extra. I'm Katsuki fucking Bakugo! I'll pulverize you." Izuku internally sighed and turned his head.

Dull pools of green met flaming vermilion. Bakugo was taken aback by how dull Izuku's eyes were and how blank his face was. What the fuck is up with this kid? Bakugo was about to say something when a horrendously loud voice screeched though the air.

"HELLOOOO LITTLE LISTENERS! WELCOME TO THE UA ENTRANCE EXAMS! I'M PRESENT MIC AND I'LL BE MONITORING THE WRITTEN PORTION OF THE EXAM!" Bakugo saw the dull boy next to him wince faintly. He must not be fond of loud noises. Tch, weakling.

Present Mic passed out the exam and everyone set to work. Five minutes into the exam, Izuku stood up and made his was to the front of the room. He was aware that people were looking at him, but he didn't let it affect him. He handed his text into Present Mic, who cocked a brow.

"You finished all one hundred fifteen questions?" Present Mic asked. Izuku nodded his head. "Did you check your answers at least three times." Izuku nodded once again. Present Mic was skeptical but took the exam nonetheless. Present Mic said he could explore the campus until the physical portion of the exam began.

Izuku exited the auditorium and headed towards the main building. Before he entered the building, he stopped and took out a pouch. He sat down on the ground and set out his supplies. 

Izuku knew about the Devil's Grass from an early age and had actually started smoking after his father left. Sometime he just needed to fucking relax. He quickly rolled a blunt and stood up, putting away his pouch.

He quietly puffed on his blunt and went into the main building. Izuku walked through the halls. He was casually walking when a hobo looking man came into sight. Izuku nonchalantly walked passed the man. He was about to turn the corner when the man called  out to him.

"Oi kid." A hoarse voice called. Izuku paused and looked back at the man.

"Are you fucking smoking weed?" Izuku nodded casually. The guy just sighed and continued walking. Izuku thought for a second before coming to a conclusion.

That man was Shota Aizawa, also known as EraserHead. Izuku took a hit and continued on his journey. He didn't need to explore UA, he already knew the exact layout of the school. No he wasn't exploring, he was on his way to the principal's office. Nezu was a smart creature, so Izuku knew that he should go ahead and give him the information he had gathered.

The freckled teen arrived in front of the office's looming doors. Izuku didn't even bother knocking, instead he sauntered into the office. He was met with Nezu sitting at his desk, a skinny blonde haired man sitting across from Nezu, and the number three pro hero Hawks leaning against a wall. Everyone's eyes immediately darted to him. He took a hit and walked over to Nezu's desk, not even batting an eye. 

Izuku placed a hard drive on Nezu's desk and took another hit. The hard drive had info about some plot to take down All Might and creatures called Nomu's. Izuku wanted to see if he liked doing good shit so he decided to give the principal the information. Nezu blinked at him but plugged it into his computer nonetheless. The other two males were boring holes in the back of his head. He shifted his gaze to the scrawny man in the chair. He looked directly into the mans electric blue eyes before concluding who he was.

Yagi Toshinori, All Might.

Yagi was a little unnerved by the the dull gaze that the teen was giving him. He let out a sigh of relief when his gaze shifted from him to Hawks.

Izuku looked into Hawks' eyes. 

Keigo Takami, Hawks.

Keigo tried not to let his uneasiness show in his expression. What was up with this kid? Izuku turned his eyes back to Nezu, who was intensely reading the files. Nezu looked up at the green haired boy and smiled. Izuku didn't return it, instead he took yet another hit from his blunt.

Keigo tried to contain his snicker. This kid was smoking weed in a hero school right in front of the principal. Weed wasn't illegal, but it wasn't permitted in schools. 

"Thank you for this information. I'll make sure to deal with it." Nezu said to Izuku. The boy nodded and headed for the door.

"Hey kid." Keigo spoke up. Izuku paused and looked at the winged pro. "Who are you?"

Izuku slowly made his way to Keigo. He stood in front of the pro, searching intensely for something in the golden eyes. He seemed to have found it when the kid removed the blunt from his mouth. He blew smoke into Keigo's face. When the smoke cleared, Izuku was no where to be found.

Nezu chuckled at the mysterious and emotionless child.

"Well he's interesting." Nezu said, garnering the attention of the two confused males in the room. "Who is he?" Yagi asked. Nezu opened a drawer in a filing cabinet and skimmed through the files of this year's applications. He pulled out file and placed it on the desk. All three males looked at the file.

Name: Izuku Midoriya

Quirk: N/A

Parent/Guardian: N/A

Phone Number: N/A

Parent/Guardian Phone Number: N/A

Emergency Contact: N/A

They gazed at the paper. 

"So all we know is his name?" Keigo questioned. Nezu nodded and grinned. 

"Let's go watch how he does in the physical portion of the exam."

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