The Fight Continues- Chapter 5

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Your POV

You woke from you unconsciousness. Currently, you're half awake as you see another strange man with orange looking goggles with a mouth guard covering his face. You hear him scream "N-NO!"

Since you are half awake, you don't exactly think much of it when you hear the man named Jeff reply to the goggled man.

"What's wrong TICCI!? Afraid of your old hatchet breaking?"

'Why are they fighting?' You thought. 'Is the Ticci guy trying to... save me? From Jeff?'

You start to get up slowly when you hear snapping; it stuns you.

Then you realize that it's Ticci's axe about to snap in two pieces.

'If that hatchet breaks, the knife will come down... I can't let Ticci die!- Wait, what am I thinking? I just met this guy! I can't develop a crush already can I?!'

You get up, slowly, struggling with every move as every single nick and cranny in your body aches with pain.

The two men weren't far away; but the smile child was only 5 feet away. He doesn't notice you're there; so apparently the fight is pretty important.

Your thoughts were cut off by a loud SNAP!, signaling the snapping of the axe. You instinctively pounced on the smile child as you AND him were confused and scared.

Why am I doing this?! These two guys are probably serial killers!! You thought when you noticed you were still on Jeff the Killer. You turned to Jeff and felt a him punch you in the stomach, causing to, once again, lose oxygen. As you gasped for air, Jeff squirmed out of your grip, running to go get something. You, still gasping and panting for air, try to finally get up. Then, without warning, a sharp pain went through your leg, causing you to scream out in pain.

Jeff's POV

I kicked the stupid girl hard in the leg, causing her to scream out in pain. Breaking a leg is as easy as breaking open a door. I saw her, sprawled on the ground, hugging her leg in pain.

I went over to her and tied up her hands, legs, and feet and kneeled down in front of her to where my eyes met hers.

She looked away sharply and I grabbed her chin and forced her to come face to face with me. I smiled, causing my carved smile to become even more horrifying.

"You know..." I said, but was interrupted when she bit down hard onto my finger. I pulled back, holding my finger.

It better not have drew blood... I thought as I looked at my finger. How in fucking hell can someone draw blood with their teeth?!

"YOU BITCH!" I screamed, slapping her in the process. Her head turned from the slap, and again I made her return to my gaze.

"Tsk tsk tsk..." I said. "It's not nice to bite people."

Your POV

"Tsk tsk tsk..." Jeff said. "Its not nice to bite people."

You feel a small tear slide down your cheek as he gave you a pitiful look. "Aww c'mon darling I thought you were stronger than that..." Jeff pouted as he sat back against a chair.

"Y'now... no one draws blood from me without getting a punishment..." Jeff snarled as he got up, kneeling beside you, inches from your face.

"You deserve a punishment..." He whispered as he drew his knife closer, as a sharp pain surged through your stomach area.

He then walks away as tears stream freely down your cheek as you catch sight of his knife, now dripping blood.

Short chapter.

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