1- getting ready

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y/n's pov
i wake up and get ready for school. i quickly take a shower, dress up in my jojo siwa clothes, wear i wear a bow. i have my y/h/l (your hair length) y/h/c (your hair color) curled today. mom packs me my lunch everyday. "thanks mom!" i said. "you're welcome!" she said giving me my hydroflask.

i ran to my car and drove to my best friend's house, y/bsf/n. "omg omg! we're wearing the same outfits, biiitch!!" y/bsf/n said opening the passenger seat. i smiled at my lovely stupid best friend. "you said to wear this for twin week at school!" i said. "well i wasn't gonna wear the cheap jojo siwa clothes today!" she said. "seat belts!" i said and i drove my car to our school.

we arrived at school and we saw y/bsf/n's ex boyfriend who's now gay. y/bsf/n's ex name is jake. (a/n: im ceo of making up random names tee hee) "bitch!" i yelled. "hey bitches!!" jake yelled happily at us with a smile and hugged us. "heyyyy!!" y/bsf/n said with a smile. "how did you not see how he's gay?" i asked with a laugh. "because i was blind." y/bsf/n said and we just laughed at her. "so are you for real twinning with jack?" i asked. "yeah!" jake said with a smile. "hey baby!" jack said walking to jake but he's riding his skateboard.

jake smiled and kissed his boyfriend. "aww! you two are twinning!" i said. "you two look like weird jojo siwa 5 year old fans!" jack said with a small laugh. "shut up! don't be mean to my fucking queen!" i said. "this what happens to people who didn't stream any of lovely peaches music." jack said making jake and y/bsf/n laugh and i playfully rolled my eyes.

after school
"aaah! i can't wait for this weekend!!" y/bsf/n said happily. "OMG! ME TOO!!" i said with a huge smile. this weekend we are gonna go all the way to LA from y/state/n to meet jojo siwa! "I CANT WAIT TO GO TO CALIFORNIA!!" we both said at the same time. we're so quirky! hehehe <3 im such crackhead hehehe! <3

when we got to my house we quickly picked what i would wear to meet jojo! we are leaving in friday! yay!!

a/n: akhsjahajahajahajah im so bored

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