Chapter Nine- Without A Trace

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    I get scared and hand him my wallet and he tosses it back to me. I shake my head and try to leave but the door is locked. I hear a jingling sound and look at him to find that he is jiggling the keys. "Give me the f#%&$@& keys." I simply say it and he shakes his head. He walks to me and grabs me by the arm. I try to shake my arm free but his grasp is too tight. I wince as he hold on harder. I look him dead in the eye, "LET GO!!!!!!"  He refuses to and after five seconds, I connect my elbow with his throat, causing him to gasp for air. I reach for his pocket for the keys as he involuntarily let's my arm go. I find the keys and grip them as if they held my life. I run to the office door and put one of the keys in, and it fits. I turn it and I feel an arm around my throat and I'm dragged backwards, behind the desk. He ties my arms to the legs of his chair and I kick him in the face, causing blood to flow from his left cheekbone. He kicks me in my side and leaves. I hear the door being closed and locked. No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. This can't happen.
    I look at my hands and they are tied tight. I cannot do anything about it. I see my phone on the floor a few feet away from me. Maybe I can call Andy and he will come and pick me up. No, I think, he can't find out I was here. I swing my legs over to dial 911 with my feet. I fail. I try again. I fail. Come on Val, you can do this. I kick my legs over one more time and I get the phone in between my feet. I'm about to dial when I hear the door jiggle. Quickly, I stuff the phone under the desk and act like I passed out.

    "Get up," I hear, "I have something for you" I don't respond to him and I hope that he doesn't realize that I'm awake. He kicks me in the ribs and I get up. I cough and choke on something that is coming up my throat, blood. He punches me in the eye, "Don't EVER try that again!" He hands me a pill. I notice he is holding a box that says VIAGRA.  I don't want to take it so I drop my head and my hands. He kicks me again and I hear a crack and feel an excruciating pain in my ribs. I take the pill and it doesn't affect me.

    The next thing I know is he is taking my clothes off and then his. He chokes me as he rapes me. I can't breath and I feel violated. When he is done, he pulled his pants up and kicks me again, in the ribs. Another crack and another pain. I take the phone once he is out of the room and dial 911.

    "Nine-one-one what's your emergency?" the operator asks. I speak quietly and respond, "I'm locked in a managers office in a pharmacy and he just raped me. I'm tied down and I cannot move. I think I have broken bones and I want out of here."

    "What pharmacy are you at sweetheart?"

    "I'm at-" I hear a jiggle and I hang up. I stuff the phone under the desk as he comes back, raping me again. This goes on for a few weeks, on and off. I'm starving and I need more water. That is all I get now. Steve leaves the room. I've been here so long, I've learned his name. I pull the phone from under the desk and its almost dead. Right when I'm about to dial the number, it turns off. No, I think, this can't happen. I'm stuck here forever and he's going to kill me. A tear escapes from my eye as I stuff the phone the phone back under the desk. Steve walks into the room and bears food. He brings handcuffs too. He handcuffs my feet the the desk and unties my hands, which by now are bloody. I look at the food and try to sit up, but my ribs hurt too much. I cry out in pain and lay back down and he feeds me, or tries to. I refuse to eat it. He just sighs, "If you don't eat, you're going to die, because I'm not letting you out of here alive. I can't risk you reporting me to the police or something." I try to scream in his face, but he uses the opportunity to shove food into my mouth. I spit it in his face and he slaps me, "Fine then. You can die b!tch!" He walks out of the room to assist someone. I have a crazy idea that could get me killed but I would rather die than continue on here, "HEEEELLLLLLPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!"

    "VALERI? IS THAT YOU?" I hear a familiar voice ask. I scream again. And the door bursts open. I see Andy. And then I see Steve. "ANDY LOOK OUT!" He turns around only to get punched in the face by Steve. Andy stumbles a bit and then regains his balance. He tackles Steve to the ground and chokes him as Steve swipes at Andy's face. Steve goes unconscious and Andy gets off and walks to me. He finds my feet handcuffed and walks back to Steve. "Damn it" he says and looks to me, "Do you know where he puts his keys?" I nod and point to the second door. He walks to it and finds the keys. He unlocks my feet and grabs my hands. He pulls me up to a sitting position. I scream in pain and he lays me back down and kisses my forehead. I hear him walk out of the door and talk to an operator for 911. He walks back in and sits down next to my face. He lifts my head a little, which makes me groan in pain. He softly lies my head on his lap. He looks at me with those electrifying blue eyes. I feel a tear drop on my face and tears come out of my eyes as well. In no time, he's stroking my hair when the paramedics come in. I'm lifted onto a gurney and I scream at the top of my lungs. I'm carried out and put into the ambulance truck. Andy sits beside me and talks soothing words to me. He has dark circles under his eyes and he looks like he lost about fifty thousand pounds. He has a little facial hair. "We've been looking for you nonstop Val. The guys filed a missing persons report after the first week, but at the last minute, I figured that we had, um, you know and you might have gone there. I can't believe I didn't think of there first, I'm so sorry." I stop his words by sitting up, which makes my body hurt. I crash my lips into his and let my tears flow. He notices almost immediately how much pain I'm in and he makes me lay back down. The next thing I feel is the gurney being lifted. I am rushed into the emergency room and they do tests on me after setting my ribs straight. Andy sits beside me through it all. We wait and wait, and then a doctor walks in.

    "Some of the paramedics found the pregnancy test in your grocery bag and so we did a pregnancy test on you. It seems that you have lost the baby due to beatings and lack of nutrience. I'm so sorry but he is in custody and we will have to do a rape kit on you to lock him up. He is already going to be locked up for holding you hostage, but if you want a death sentence on Mr. Rightford, we need to get him for rape too. And if we get him on that, we can charge him on the murder of your unborn child and we can get him for attempted murder." I look at him with hope as he continues to speak, "Would you like a rape kit to be done?"

    "If they catch him on this, you will be getting him back for everything he has done to you." Andy says. But if I don't, he will have to live with what he has done. He will feel guilty because of what he has done.
    Andy looks at me with soft eyes, "I will support you through any decision you make, good or bad." I simply nod and say, "I'm not pressing charges." The doctor nods and walks out of the room, leaving me regretting my decision a little and leaving Andy, completely stunned by my decision.

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