Chapter Nine- Without A Trace

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    I wake to his arms around my waist. God this feels good, I think to myself. I want to stay here forever, in the warmth of my fallen angel. I shift my body weight to watch him sleep. He is perfect. I lose myself in his appearance and barely notice his eyes flutter open.

    I watch those electric blue eyes scan me. I see them close and he moves in. I turn and slam my face into the pillow as he tries to turn me back around. I don't budge until he yanks me back over. He kisses me urgently and licks my lips for permission to enter, which I deny. He tries again. I deny. I do it just to annoy him. He gives up on permission and tickles me. I try not to laugh, but it doesn't work. He moves in quick, and we battle for thirty seconds before I try to annoy him again.

    This time, I roll over. That was a bad idea since how I land on my butt on the floor. I hear Andy laughing hard on the bed and I scowl and stick my tongue out at him. He shuts up almost immediately as I run out of the room.

    I walk to the kitchenette and make a pancake, but decide not to eat it. I put some pants and a shirt on when I get back to the room. I walk back out to find that I did not see all four of the guys passed out on the couch.

    Well all except for Jake, "Nice tush." I totally forgot that I walked out here in nothing but a bra and panties. Crap, I think to myself. I facepalm myself and walk to the couch and sit next to him, "You were not meant to see that."

    He laughs and stands, "It doesn't matter. I didn't see it." He winks at me and sticks his tongue out at me. I slap him, causing his tongue to go back into his mouth and I grab his face in between my hands. I lick his face to be weird and I laugh.

"That's gross," he says and he walks to the bathroom, slamming the door. I hear another voice, "Dude, you guys were loud as hell last night." I turn to see Ashley awake. My face turns bright pink and I stomp back to the room. I find Andy awake and I flop down on the bed next to him. He wraps his arm around my waist, trying to turn me over, "Babe what's wrong?" I turn on my back and point to the door. I see his eyes drain in color but renew themselves. "Don't worry about them. They are just mad because they aren't getting any." I nod. And I remember. Oh god, I think, what if I'm pregnant? He will leave me.
    I immediately jump up and put my shoes on. "Where are you going?" he asks me. "To visit an old friend" I say, and I run out of the bus and take Andy's car to the pharmacy.

    I look around the aisles forever since I've never had to look through them. I find them in the women's health aisle and I take one to the register. I see Meana and facepalm myself. Why her, I think. I walk up to her register. She looks at me in disgust before I put my item on the belt. As she rings it up, she speaks up, "So who do you think is the father?" I look at her as if she had just killed an innocent hampster, "Its none of your business. Now how much do I owe you?" She turns the little price screen towards me and it reads $15.11. I hand her the money as she speaks again.

    "You know you can tell me, I don't have anyone I can tell." I look at her, turn my recorder on and simply say, "Andy." Her face drains color and then I see her eyes shaded with anger? Jealousy? "If your talking about Andy biersack then you are wrong, girl! He would never f#%$ your ugly a$%! You are a sick, dillusional, piece of sh!+." I mentally slap her in the face and consider actually doing it. But instead I turn off the recorder and show it to her, "I hope you enjoy finding a new job, b!+©h!" Anger flashes across her face and I can see the steam blowing from her ears. She tries to snatch the recorder from me but I'm too fast for her and I run to the managers office. I hold it out of her reach as I knock on the door. She gives up as he opens the door. "Is there a problem here?" he asks. I nod and hand him the recorder and as he listens to it,  he hold his hand out for her name tag. She slams it into his hand and stomps out of the store. He motions for me to come into his office and I do so, carrying my bag with me. "Since, I have done you such a huge favor, I think you owe me," he says, biting his lip and eyeing my body.

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