Dirty harry styles

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Harry and you have been friends for a few years now. Your apartment was being redecorated so Harry is letting you stay at his. He is at a concert right now. Your are about to go to bed when you want a drink. You are wearing purple and black Victoria secret matching bra and panties. They are super sexy and show off your curves perfectly. You have music blaring through the apartment. Your a singer also. You are dancing and singing your way into the kitchen. You grab the chocolate milk and a glass. You skull it. And now feel less tired. You decid to dance and sing around the apartment for a little bit longer. You didn't even notice anyone had come in until you danced right into Harry's chest. You nearly fell back but Harry caught you. He has seen you in your underwear before but not these ones. They almost change your body.

" wow y/n singing and dancing in your underwear. You trying to make me horny?" Harry asked.

You and Harry have had sex before. To be honest 4 times before. So this talk was normal. You decide to tease him. You don't know why but you do. You wrap your arms around his neck so your on ur tippy toes.

" idk mr styles. Am I?" You wink and walk off shaking your bum a little. You soon feel hands on your hips from behind and lips on your neck. Then your ear.

" oh. Your such a tease. And you know it. Y/n your going to pay. Tonight I'm gonna have you screaming my name so much from all the pleasure your going to endure.!"

**^**^** Ohhh!! :) wait for part two. Should be up soon+^^*^^*^*^

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