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It was his latest drug, his latest addiction -her.

With eyelids puckered in rapt attention, the young man slowly brought out the new film from the container filled with a solution of wetting agent and pegged it to a waiting line. Very vague features of him could be made out of his silhouette as he carried out his actions with care and patience.

After the peg had successfully held on to the developing image, he leaned back in satisfaction, grinning from ear to ear.

It was evident that the developing image was going to be his new favorite when ready. The sight of her scars, peeking out as she stretched to higher heights in a bid to deposit the basketball into the net turned him on enough to be his favorite.

He groaned as if in pain and patted his crotch at the remembrance of the scene.

She was putting him through hell and he was liking every bit of it.

Who was she?

It was her; his latest object of interest, his latest attraction.

Screw that! She wasn't an object and what he felt for her wasn't mere attraction or interest, his racing heart and throbbing member, as he inspected the room filled with pictures of her, was testimony to that.

Maybe it was affection then? Love or passion?

Nay, even lust was too little a word to describe his feelings for her. Fetish; Mania was more like it. He craved her like a drug he was addicted to. The thrill to chase and conquer her was much more than all this previous conquests altogether.

All of them.

She, unlike his other conquests, was no fair, refined beauty. She was young, wild and broken, the latter he loved the most.

Not being able to restrain himself anymore, he groaned like a wounded lion and gave in to his temptations. He hastily unzipped his jeans and brought out his erection to meet his glare.

As if in apology, he ran his palm over the length but the throbbing lil' boy wasn't ready to cooperate in the least, it bobbed painfully in protest, signifying that he wasn't pacified at all.

After a sigh, the man raised his gaze to meet the numerous pairs of brown eyes staring at him and started to work on his release.

His gaze wandered from the different emotions those orbs depicted from image to image as he continued to stroke himself. Whilst some held boredom, others held loneliness, some held spunk, some held guilt. None held happiness.

When his eyes connected with life size image of the only pair that held in a bit of fear, his face morphed into a devilish grin. It just so happens that on the day this young man had surreptitiously clicked this image, the girl was with the only person he'd seen her care for.

He suddenly realised that it had been so long since he played a game.

Warm semen spurted out of him in large splatters as his smile grew larger at the sprouting thought.

She was dragging him through this hell alright and he would relish every bit of it while it lasted.

And he would pay in kind... he would make this feeling of desperation and torment, he would make it mutual. Then he would make her his.

He suddenly couldn't wait for the beginning of the academic session he'd initially loathed.

As the smile grew bigger and ultimately turned into a joyful chuckle, the red glow of the general light in the room couldn't help but add a sinister outline to his chiseled face.

He couldn't wait to make her his...

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