Chapter 20: Clove

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We get to the Center Rock and 4 guards stop us at the gate.

"Why are you here?" one of them asks, but with their masks I can't tell which. They push us back and walk us back to the giant steel doors. I frown and we walk home.

"Do you think they recognize you?" I ask Katniss in particular. She nods. "They might report us, do you think we should leave?" I ask getting worried for my family. She shakes her head but seems doubtful.

"Boggs, we went to the Nut" I start worrying already "and the guards stopped us. Do you think they'll report us?" he looks around carefully weighing the options. And nods his head.

"Mom!" I yell running out of the house. I run across the road and knock furiously on the door. I open it out of desperation and no-one's home.

"Mom! Martiall! Shyll! Dagger!" I yell in all desperation. I hear some rustling upstairs and run up the stairs as quickly as I can. In my old room I see Dagger chewing up my pillow. I smile at her and she trots casually with some stuffing in her lips.

"Hey girl" I say patting her back she wags her tail and whimpers with joy. "Where did they all go?" I ask sitting next to her. She jumps up and wriggles out of my grasp. I follow her as she leads me to my parents, well mom's room. I see my family sitting in the corner tied up with rope.

"Clove Sevina" a deep voice says bitterly "we need you to return to the Capitol" I look around and see three peace-keepers walking up to me in step. I back up and they grab me.

'My knife' I think to myself. I reach for it but they grab my wrists. They tie my wrists and I try to reach again.

"Come with us and" one of them starts "they won't die" he adds "yet" I hear him whisper. I frown and put my head down. One of them laughs and they lead me outside.

"What about my family?" I ask angrily "Let them go or I'm not going" I practically yell in protest. They all look surprised and I stand there not budging. They poke me with an electric prod but I'm almost immune now, it doesn't faze me. They try poking me in the small of my back and that only makes me angrier. "Let my family go or I don't move!" I yell louder. One of them walks away back into my mom's house. After around 3 minutes he comes out with my family tied up stumbling around.

"You happy now?" he asks releasing them violently. I look at him like he's stupid and he shrugs.

"And my dog!" I say bitterly "if I go I take the dog!" I yell at him, furious. He sighs and walks back to the house. Two minutes later he walks out with Dagger, holding her by her studded collar.

"Be careful with her!" I yell struggling to get to her. She runs to me and I smile. "Sick 'em. But just wait for the word" I whisper careful about my volume. She looks at me and seems to nod. I smile and stand up straight. 

"What do you want me to do" I say as seductively as I can, it feels disgusting and I want to puke but I keep the act up. They all look at me surprised, including my mom. "I need details" I whisper into one of the peace-keepers' ears. He smiles and places his hand on my lower back. I shutter at his touch but keep my eyes excited and locked onto his.

"You're excited?" he asks, lust very apparent in his eyes. I nod playfully and he smiles.

"I just want to go to my real home and GET" I yell and Dagger jumps on one of the guards. She bites at his neck and he falls with her. She grabs his neck and holds it in her powerful jaws. She's not even half matured and she's already the size of a, large, pony.

One of the peace-keepers releases my right arm to save his partner. He runs up onto Dagger and strikes her with his baton.

"She's dead" I yell knowing she will play dead at her trigger word. She does and I run up to her. I hold her head up still admiring her bravery and her brains. I stroke her back and resist trying to comfort her.

"Come on you little mutt" one of the guards yells as he yanks me from Dagger. I yell at him but he still holds on to my cuffs.

"You are coming to the Capitol no matter what" the two remaining guards say in unison. "It was worth a try" they laugh at me and walk me away from all of this chaos.

'I need to think' I think to myself 'I am not going back there'. I struggle to get away and see the only hope I might have left. I see Cato, Boggs and some others run up behind the peace-keepers. I try to keep their attention by faking an injury.

"My legs hurt" I yell in pain "help me" I stop in my tracks and they sigh in frustration. They look at my leg and one of them touches my leg a little too high for comfort. I flinch his hand away and he smirks. I look into his dark eyes and see behind his head that there are people coming.

"I wouldn't go there" I say confidently. They laugh at me and I just smile innocently. I push the guard holding my arm away and stand up fully.

Behind my back I grab my knife and cut the rope around my wrists. I smile releasing the rope. I hold the knife out and they smile.

"What are you going to do? You have only one knife" the taller one says confidently. I smirk.

"Oh really?" I ask inspecting the blade. They smile at me and I continue to play with the knife on my palm. I look at one in the eyes and he smiles innocently and clueless.

I launch the knife and it hits one peace-keeper perfectly in his heart. He grasps his chest and the other runs up to me. I duck under him and he jumps right over my head.

"This is where my fight training comes in hand' I think to myself as I punch him in the jaw. He falls back clenching his jaw tightly. I look down on him and smile. He leaps up and grabs me by the waist. I fight his roaming hand but he finds my throat.

"Get off of me" I say, thrashing to get him off. He smiles down at me and I slowly start to feel my throat closing. I struggle for a breath and he clenches his hands tighter around my neck. I start to see black spots clouding my vision.

 "Help" I croak getting weaker and weaker by the second.He looks at me and laughs.

"I wonder how much I would get for you if you were dead?" he says smirking down and my vision goes completely black. I feel his hands ripped off my throat and my body tells me to breathe. I take three heavy breaths and I can finally see again.

Cato is holding the peace-keeper down and beating him senseless. "Mine" he yells as the peace-keeper goes limp. I steady m breathing and try to get up. A sharp pain shoots through my spine. I lay there motionless and Cato comes to see me. I smile weakly and he looks shocked.

"You want to go home?" he asks and I smile, feeling the pain my every part of my body. He carries me gently and all I remember is passing my worried family. Maybe I can trust him. He just risked his life for me, again.

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