•Acknowledgement/ Appreciation•

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Here's me saying thank you to a few people that are very Important to this work.

First is The_kiddler, his 'Silhouette' was the very first Nigerian mystery book I've read on wattpad and it was a huge encouragement to have me write my very own mystery book.

Coincidentally, one of our characters bear the same name 'Dave Coker' but be assured that they have different personalities.

Secondly, I'd like to thank AmbassadorsNG for featuring this book on their reading list. It's a great honour to have this humble work on their platform.

Also, I'd like to appreciate Royally_Blossom who helped judged my work for the WATTY'S NG contest. Her extensive review, pinpointing the strengths and weaknesses of this work, made the edits even more flawless.

Finally, I'll be a total ingrate if maramartha isn't acknowledged on here. She has helped my writing journey in many ways than one.

Her words of encouragement when I feel down and want to give up on writing, her kindness and support even when I don't deserve it, her total readiness to help when I'm in need of one and her beautiful, beautiful stories you can't help but get sucked into 😌😌.

Over all, I bless God for the grace he's bestowed upon me to pen this down.

And to all my readers; past, present and future, thank you as well.


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