Chapter 4: A Difficult Boar-Head

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Tanjiro scurried towards the entrance, pain continuing to course through his body. He smelled three familiar scents nearby and widened his eyes in shock as he smelled blood as well. Arriving at the scene, he witness Zenitsu protecting his box while Y/N was holding off the boar-head.

You had obtained a couple of scratches and bruises and blood was dripping down your cheek. Tanjiro stood there in shock as Shoichi was crying in a corner.

"Tanjiro... We've been protecting it.." He glanced at Zenitsu's beaten up face as he continued on. "Because you... said that this is more important than your own life.." He trailed off, still clinging onto the box.

"YOU BOTH ARE JUST COWARDS THAT ARE AFRAID TO FIGHT! AND YOU, YOU EVEN REFUSED TO FIGHT ME BACK AT FINAL SELECTION!" He kicked upwards, blood spraying out of your mouth. You refused to dodge and let Zenitsu get hurt, resulting in you getting the most hits. Even though you could endure it, it still pains you with the cuts from before.

He tried running around you to try and getting to Nezuko but you wouldn't let the happen. You pushed Zenitsu away, the hit pushing you onto the ground, a pool of blood surrounding your head as you groaned.

A figure dashed in, punching the boar-head back. "Aren't you a member of the Demon Slayer Corps?!" Zenitsu stared at him petrified, his whole body shaking at the sound of bones cracking.

"Do you know why Zenitsu or Y/N won't pull out their swords? It's because it's taboo for members to pull their blades out and bully each other!" He clenched his fist, veins popping out. "And to think you enjoy it when others are in pain? Despicable! " You walked over to Zenitsu, wiping away his blood with your haori.

He fumbled with his words, telling you that it was unnecessary while the other two argue. You pulled out a few bandages from your pouch, treating several wounds on Zenitsu. He still declined but went along with it.

Both you and Zenitsu sweatdrop when both of them started fighting. You decided to not intervene but clapped when he was able to bend over, his head resting between his legs.

"D-don't encourage him, Y/N-chan! And let me at least clean the blood off of you!" Zenitsu tried his best to get your attention, shaking your shoulder, your eyes intensely watching the argument.

You all jolted when you heard a cracking sound when Tanjiro headbutted the boar-head. He stumbled back, the mask finally falling off.

"HAAHHHHHH?! A WOMANN??" Zenitsu screamed out as you stare at the beautiful face underneath. "Woah, so pretty! B-but-" You cupped your head in your hands, a small tint of blush showing on your cheeks as you giggled silently.

"Y-Y/N-chan? Is she laughing?" The blond male looked at her giggling face, cheeks rosy and a beautiful smile plastered onto it. "She looks even prettier than that weird guy though..." Zenitsu shook his head, trying to get that warm feeling out of his chest.

You laughed more at the weird argument they had about the boar-head's face. After finally saying his name, he stopped. Eyes rolling to the back of his head, he passed out onto the ground, foam leaking out of his mouth.

Zenitsu panicked, hiding behind your back. The siblings sighed at his behaviour while you walk over to Inosuke.


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