7 Not-So-Deadly Sins

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A depressed guy moves into a new house. 

But, surprise surprise: 

The 7 Deadly Sins live there in hiding. 

But, they aren't that bad. In fact, they are determined to help this guy get ahold on life. 

Gluttony helps with a diet. 

Lust helps him with his relationships. 

Greed helps him with bills and money management. 

Sloth makes sure the guy gets enough but not too much sleep. 

Envy helps lust. 

Pride and Wrath are just there to help with anything. 

They all try their best. 


Pride: Envy lay off the guy.

Glutt: Yeah, you know what you need to cheer up? How about some ice cream? 

Sloth: I thought we were on a diet? 

Glutt: We will cheat, just for today. 

Greed: that's what you always say



Sloth- Me

Envy- Jaidan

Greed- Pupper-Love

Wrath- Oofed_Potato

All other slots are open!!

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