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Lauren PoV
I have got Blake cleaned up after her little accident. She has a cut on her chin and a graze knee. She is now a sleep on my lap , while me , kris and my new half sisters. We all sitting in silence as the kids are either sleeping or playing.

Kendall- so this is awkward

Me- your not wrong

Kylie- why don't you tell us about your self

Me- umm okay , what do want to know

Kim- how old were you when you had Blake?

Me- I was 17 , best thing to ever happen

Khole- why don't you want her dad to see her, did he do something?

Me- ye , he did something but I don't really want share with my daughter sitting right next to me and to people I have just met

Kris- listen we are your family now , we love you no matter what , and as for Blake you can put in the spare room

Me - okay , just give me a minute

I walk upstairs with Blake in my arms and put in the spare room and kiss her little tiny head. I walked back downstairs and sat back on the couch ready to tell.

Me- when I was sixteen in high school, there was this teacher his name was , mr Simpson, he always looked at me funny and stared at my ass all the time. One day I was in school on a Saturday, to get this book I left in the library. I was walking past his room and was dragged inside with my hair. H he sta started to un undress me-

Kim- oh my god
The girls had a look of horror and anger on there face but kris more so as I am crying at this point

Me- he raped me. He said if I told anyone , he would kill me and the unborn baby , so I ran and that is when I meet my friends Dinah , Normani , ally and camila. I live in a little apartment and work as a stripper to earn money for Blake.

They all came up and hugged me , kris wanted one to herself, so she let them hug me first and then she give me the most tightest squeeze ever. I smile at all the hugs but they were stop by phone ringing. It was camila, I didn't tell them that me and camila are dating , just in case there were homophobic.

Hey babygirl


You okay baby

Ye , I am

Listen Dinah , told me about brad being back and mani told me about your mom , why didn't you tell me?

I look over to my new family who just talking , so I walk out into the spare room Blake was in.

Baby , listen , I was going to tell you tonight over dinner but of course Dinah and mani has fucking big ass mouths so I couldn't

Ahaha , okay baby, how is Blake?

She is okay , she fell over before so she has a little cut on her chin and graze on her knee but she should be fine.

"Lauren , where are you ?"

Listen , gtg , come round at 8 babe , love you

Love you too baby

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