~Chapter 8~

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Sam's  POV

"Sam!" Thaila shouted when I answered the phone. It's been an hour since I got home from school.


"We need to go shopping!" she exclaimed. What? I wondered. Why? She seemed to read my thought because she said, "For the dance, silly!"

"Oh, um...right." I didn't like wearing dresses. First off, I'm just now a dress/skirt wearing type person. Second, though, I'm always self conscious in them. I don't think I look good in dresses, and although I'm not admitting it to Thaila, I want to look nice tomorrow for Chandler. Yep, tomorrow. Today is Friday.

"You don't sound excited," Thaila said, slightly disappointed herself. "Why aren't you?"

"It's just uh...what are we shopping for? New jeans and a t-shirt?" I asked hopefully. She laughed.

"It's a dance. We're getting dresses!" she said. "You act like you've never been to one." Actually, I haven't, but I didn't tell that to Thaila.

"No offense, Thay, but why are you so excited?" I wondered. "You never seemed like a dress-type girl."

"Normally, I'm not. But I don't mind one little dress for one night...hey, I should get to let my girly side out once in a while, eh?" she explained. "And you should too! Come on, tell your mom we're going to the mall. My dad will take us!"

"Your dad?"

"Yes, my dad. Why do you ask??"

"Oh, no reason," I replied. "Will you pick me up or should I go over to your house?"

"We'll pick you up. Hey, do you have makeup?"

"Um...not really. Just some lip gloss," I admitted. "Why?"

"You'll see."

"Thay, what are you planning to-"

"Pick you up in ten! Bye, Sam!"

"But, Thaila-" Click. She hung up on me. Oh, Thay, I thought. What are you going to do? Sighing, I dropped my phone back onto my bed. I quickly changed out of my school clothes, blue skinny jeans and a white shirt that shows peoples' hands making the word "love".

I brushed aside the clothes in my closet, dragging them along the rail. I found a nice orange tank top that had a red-orange-and-yellow beaded necklace attached to it, hanging down from the neckline. I slipped it on and grabbed a pair of dark blue stretchy, elastic Capri jeans. I found my orange flips flops that had white square gems in between round red beads on the bands. I put my hair into a quick bun and grabbed my cell phone again. I ran down the stairs to ask my mom about going to the mall with Thaila.

"Mom?" I called, trying to find out where she is.

"I'm in my room!" she answered, sounding kind of far away. I walked in the direction of her bed room and knocked on the half-opened door.

"Come on in." I pushed her door open slowly and walked in.

"Hey, Mom..." I started. She was sitting at her desk, typing something on her computer. She looked up, peering at me over the rim of her glasses.


"Um, my friend Thaila called, and she wants to know if we can go to the mall." I held my breath, waiting for her answer. She was silent for a while, thinking it over.

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