Chapter 1: The Boy And The Demon

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A smile spread across your face at the memory, it was at least two years ago since that day and now you're a certified member hidden among the ranks.

Running across the fresh snow , you eventually stop in front of a house. Blood everywhere , corpses spread out onto the now red snow. You sigh , you were too late for them. You scanned the area , noticing fresh footprints and followed them.

Screaming was heard from below as you jumped down from the ledge , sprinting towards two figures. A young boy with burgundy hair and a demon who you assumed had just turned. You unsheathed your nichirin blade, it's soft blue glinting as you took a stance , about to decapitate the demon before you.

The world turned black , the only thing visible is the demon. A small red flame danced above it , negativity spreading around it. Your face scrunched up in anger as you were about to slice it. Suddenly the flame turned into a faint pink , then shifting from the two colours. Your world was visible again as you dodged and landed somewhere on the snow , your feet grounded to prevent you from falling.

"What.. Her soul change-" You stuttered out as you witness the demon trying to restrain herself. The burgundy haired boy seem to notice you , immediately hugging the demon in a protective way.

"Why are you protecting her?"You inched closer as he flinched backing away from you.

"You know that is a demon, right? Are you perhaps close with her? Or are you perhaps brainwashed?" You questioned, looking at his eyes. A small flame appeared above him , pink with a tint of blue.

"You're extremely kind and gifted. I see , I see. Is she your sister?" You tilted your head.

"Y-Younger! She's my younger sister! Nezuko! Please don't hurt her! Miss-" The boy exclaimed before you interrupted. "I am the Soul Hashira, Kawasaki Y/N! An interesting soul you are!" You took a good look at his features, seemingly the same age as you.

The demon in his arms started to shuffle , letting out an ear-splitting scream. You lunged at it, trying to grab the boy. However, the demon scratched you , standing in front of the boy protectively. Your eyes widened, her flames turning fully pink.

"Amazing- She's restraining herself-" You sheathed your sword, raising your hands as a sign you won't attack which made Nezuko relax a bit. "You , what is your name?" You asked, pointing at the burgundy haired boy.

"T-Tanjiro Kamado! O-once again, this is my sister, Nezuko Kamado! We-" He suddenly stopped, glancing behind you as you, too, felt a presence. You brought out your sword and it clashed with another. You glanced up to be met with cold , dark blue eyes."Tomioka, the Water Hashira.."You thought, recognizing his mismatched haori.

Tomioka did a backflip, landing across from you, Tanjiro and Nezuko. He glanced at your uniform, confusion in his gaze. He pointed a finger at you, as you glare back at him.

"You, why are you protecting that, that thing?" His voice laced with venom as he spat out at you. You appear in front of him, surprising him since he didn't hear you.

"That demon isn't like the others. It's just turned but it's restraining itself from devouring the boy. Do not attack it." You looked him in the eye, a blue flame appearing above his head. You couldn't let your guard down around him since he's often unpredictable.

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