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" Mama , Papa , I want to be a demon slayer! "

Silence filled the room as her parents gawked at her. They knew she's been training for almost two years now but this was the first time she actually told them in person.

Before her 16th birthday , she had requested a private chat with both her parents. Not about her party , not about marriage , not about work. She wanted to finally leave the nest and go out in the world. Defend people , help them and rid this world of the wretched beings called Demons.

Kawasaki Tobio looked at his daughter with fondness. Looking at her determined face, she's always been special , right when she was born. Observant nature , she had a gift , a peculiarity indeed. She often talked about how there were uneasy souls lingering around, she could sense the true nature of someone just by looking at them. This has been helping around her village , looking for thieves and finding bad guys.

"I have been training as hard as I can , trying to perfect every stance , every technique. I've been trying with all my might , so please..." She bowed with her head low , touching the cold surface of the wooden floor.

"Please , give me a chance to prove myself by going to final selection!"

You gulped , closing your eyes as sweat formed on your head. You feared rejection , especially after you've trained so hard and managed to be able to use a breathing technique without the help of a coach.

"Raise your head , face us child." Kawasaki Hinata stood in front of her daughter. Her never ending smile rested upon her face, her eyes opening to the scene of her youngest child looking up at her with a strong will shining in her eyes. Hinata , too , was a part of the Demon Slayer Corps , retiring after her last day of being a Kinoe. She looked almost sad that one of her children would be leaving her but it reminded her of herself when she was younger.

Y/N stood up , straightening her back as her mother retreated to the back of the room. She held up a haori , white fading into a soft dark blue. A feather pattern was decorated onto it to make the impression of wings. Y/N looked at it in awe , feeling the soft fabric in her own hands. She looked up at her father who handed her a sword.

"This is your mother's old nichirin blade. She used it in battle and always came out successful. We would like you to use it for your Final Selection. We... we have been observing you for months now. Please , take it." At this , both your mother and father bowed , the nichirin blade presented to you in their hands.

"I'll make you proud!"




"Tetsu , you're even louder than her."

"Guys , calm down-"

The fight between your siblings were unbearable and you were glad that your mother wasn't here to witness it.

"Akane , Tetsu , Yuki , please , I promise I'll come visit okay? Being a demon slayer is busy but not to the point where I'm gonna forget about you!"

You looked at your older siblings and gave them a smile. They relaxed afterwards, exchanging glances with each other.

"Y/N , please be safe." Yuki , your older twin brother told you, placing a hand on your shoulder.

" Yeah and if any demons try to eat you , I'll make 'em pay! " Tetsu , your older brother snapped in, cracking his knuckles.

"PLEASE TAKE THIS WITH YOU JUST IN CASE!!!" Akanae , your older sister gave you a bag filled with bandages and medicine. Your eyes light up , bowing and thanking them all. Your dove screeched at you , telling you to hurry. You said your goodbyes and left, journeying to your next mission.

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