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Oikawa sat with his legs criss-cross, cheeks puffed inside and arms folded neatly against his chest to display he was very much upset. His head was hurting from thinking too much but it felt too little yet he still wasn't satisfied. Oikawa never anticipated this outcome. There were so many questions he wanted to ask but he couldn't bring himself to speak. His thoughts were an aching mess. Hajime was sitting opposite him, elbow propped on the small table and chin resting on his fist. He was looking at Oikawa in concern, watching his every move but at the same time, giving the space, he needed.

Oikawa wanted to be mad, angry, furious even but he was stuck feeling relieved.

Relieved by the fact that he didn't have to go through a disastrous confession. However, he still felt a little bit ashamed for liking his best friend, perhaps guilty would be the correct word. Whether it was wrong or right, he didn't know. Oikawa hoped and prayed for Hajime to respect his feelings, to accept Oikawa the way he is now. He wouldn't want Hajime to be disgusted or hate him just because he likes boys or him in particular. Surely, he would understand, right? He also didn't fret over the thought of what if Hajime rejected him. Even if Hajime turned him down, he would be fine. Even if Hajime didn't reciprocate his feelings, he would be fine. Anything's fine as long as Oikawa gets to be by Hajime's side because a part of him had always feared sooner or later, he was going to lose Hajime. The thought weight like a ton on his shoulders.

Oikawa let out a shaky breath. He was on the verge of losing his mind.

"Done overthinking?" Hajime asked breaking the ever-long silence. Oikawa was glad to hear his best friend's voice rather than his own suffocating thoughts. Hajime noticed him struggling. "You look pretty awful."

Oikawa scrunched up his nose. "How awful?"

"Like someone just announced you can't play volleyball anymore."

"Not helping, Iwa-chan!" Oikawa whined, ignoring the embarrassment coating his cheeks as he slumped on the floor. He went to such great lengths to avoid his crush, only for his plan to flop. Then again, it wasn't exactly Hajime's fault for knowing all along about Oikawa's not so tiny crush. They slept over each other's house so many times, who knows what Oikawa had been spluttering in his sleep! But if Hajime found out like this, maybe it was for the better. Might as well get it over with. "Which sleepover was it?"

Hajime paused. "Lots of."

"Lots of?" Oikawa repeated, eyeing him suspiciously. "What exactly did I say?"

Hajime looked away, scratching the nape of his neck and mumbled something incoherent. Oikawa couldn't even hear him.

"Say it properly, Iwa-chan!" Oikawa pressed, slamming his hands on the table, feeling his curiosity at its peak. "I want to know."

"It's embarrassing," Hajime said in a small voice, and to Oikawa's surprised, a faint blush rose on his cheeks. The great Hajime Iwaizumi was blushing!

"Well, I should be the one embarrassed since I was blabbering in my sleep like an idiot, not you." He tried to sound assuring for Hajime's sake but deep down, he was a mess too. What in the heavens did he say that made Hajime blush like a fool? He needed to know.

"Fine." Hajime spat in a bitter voice, not meeting Oikawa's eyes. "You said you like it when I hug you from behind when we sleep."

Oikawa blinked, his cheeks turning hot. "That's not . . . so bad?"

"You want me to spike to your tosses only."

"I made that pretty clear."

"You hate it when I don't give you enough attention."

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