Chapter 46: Staked

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I didn't breathe. The air was silent. I turned to see that the doors to the prom were wide open, meaning everybody could see the fight. But Sylvia quickly waved her hand and the doors swung shut and iced over.

"Well this is awkward." Leah muttered, breaking the silence.

"You think I don't have witches too?" Godrik laughed. Kennedy along with another witch emerged from the shadows.

"Gretchen! Kennedy!" Connor cried.

"I saw them on our way here. They're more than willing to help us kill you all." Godrik laughed. The air went to being silent again.

Suddenly, Kennedy threw out her hand and a blast of red light erupted from her palms. It fired towards Kestrel.

Kestrel caught the light in her hands and smiled at Kennedy.

"Don't you see, Kennedy? I'm better than you." Kestrel laughed and sent the light soaring back at her. It hit Kennedy and she fell backwards on her butt. Then everyone erupted into combat. A vampire; Annabelle Knowles dived on George, sending them both rolling across the parking lot. Erin swiped at a vampire with her stake and Samuel backed her up, with his bokken.

Sandy was using protective spells to defend herself from vampires' attacks, aided by Cole. Sylvia was battling Gretchen; lighting bolts firing back and forth. Cordelia and Connor were both battling with a vampire, armed with a bokken and a crossbow. My parents were both back to back defending and striking two vampires. Flame was there, fighting against three vampires on her own(but she could handle it). Kestrel and Kennedy was in combat, both magically and physically.
Leah was ripping at a vampires throat, in pure fury. That left Godrik. He sauntered towards me, an excited grin spread across his face.

I took a step back, fear spreading over me. Then I remembered who I was. I was Rowan Thorpe. I was a survivor.

I stepped towards my biological father and gritted my teeth.

"Oh sweet, sweet Rowan. So this is how it ends-"

My fist connected with Godrik's causing him to stumble back. He snarled at me, long fangs gleaming in the moonlight. His hand reached for my throat but a shadow spread across me. My father, Mark jumped between us and went to stake Godrik. He failed. Godrik grabbed his wrist and laughed.

"You weak human." He hissed. With a swift movement, Godrik grabbed my fathers' neck and snapped it.

"No!" I screamed. It was like time stopped. I fell to my knees and gasped, kneeling beside my father's body. My Mother ran to kneel beside me, my father's lifeless body sprawled on the pavement.

"No!" My mom echoed me in despair. I wiped my tears and my body tensed up.

"Get his body out of here." I told my mom. She nodded and began to drag my father away. I got to my feet and stared Godrik in his icy cold eyes.

"Your father is dead." Godrik laughed.

"Not yet," I retorted, referring to Godrik. "But he will be."

My fist connected with Godrik's jaw, causing him to stumble backwards.

"You silly little girl." He snapped. He hit me with the back of his hand and I was sent soaring backwards through the air. I landed on the top of a car and rolled off onto the pavement.


Kennedy's eyes were dark and dangerous, as she and Kestrel circled each other.

"You used to be more powerful than I, but I guess things have changed." Kennedy laughed. She opened out her palm and a ball of mystical fire materialised there. Kennedy threw it at Kestrel but she caught it.

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