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~Third Person’s POV~

Daniel woke up in an unfamiliar place .

A place surrounded by tall trees , grasses and flowers dancing along with the sweet smell of the breezing wind .

He looked above and saw clouds even scattered through the blue sky . He closed his eyes , breath and enjoyed the freshness of the air surrounds him .

You can even hear the birds chirp melodiously as if they are a choir of angels singing a song of praise , animals played with each other and winds whisper upon his cheek .

He open his eyes and walk upon a street , a street that pure as gold .

While walking he even sees the lake , pond , clear as crystal .

This perfect place around him will be with him forever .

From now on , he belongs here . Today , tomorrow and forever , this will be his home .

Because this is heaven , and this is where his life will begin … Forever .

While walking he sees someone , a long haired girl that dresses in white .

“Kath ?” He called .

The girl turned around . He hug him very tightly .

“I miss you .” He said .

“I miss you too .” Kath said while smiling sweetly .

Then they walk together holding hands , ready for another life with God by their side .

Praising God will all they can with love in there heart they both say .

“My Heart Says It’s Only You”

“Only You”

“Till the end”


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