I thought I give you all Jesse POV to know a bit from his side and how he feels.

Jesse POV


"I'm coming woman !" I shouted behind the close bathroom door, " I'm shaving."

My hand steadily held the razor that glided over my right lower jaw, shaving off all the remaining scrubs on this side of my face.

I was almost done, just a little bit more on my left side when the door busted open. Amelia came marching in looking piss as if someone ate the last cookie. Yes, she valued the last cookie, I learned that the hard way.

Looking all fume up I realized deep at the back of my mind that this was the woman that I was certain I wanted to protect and cherish as long as I could. I want to be the one to see her smile, her anger and as fuck up as it sounds her tears.

Sending me one of her famous glare she finally spoke, "what is taking you so long? You made me dress up half an hour ago, I could have dress in the span of five minutes before this trip."

That was a surprise for me. A girl with the ability to get ready in under an hour is a magician to me. I was proud and happy that she could do that. I didn't like waiting, even though I would have wait for her anyway. I was slowly changing.

Did I regret it? No, I was going to capture he heart and devour her for myself if that means changing and adjusting to what she wanted.

"I told you, I'm shaving." My voice calm and collected.

I had temper issue, let's just say it was as short as the life I'll be giving when I find Amelia's dad, it was known through out my company but when I'm with Amelia I tried not to lose control. Because I could tell she became very afraid and distant, it was her defense mechanism. Block everyone out.

I didn't want that.

She huffed and grabbed the shaver from my hand and held my face in place. I was scared for the fact that I was letting her with a sharp object mere centimeters away from my skin. But I trusted her, there wasn't any denying it in that, she would never hurt me. Unless she was planning a revenge for all the things I did to her, but she wouldn't.

Amelia was one of the most beautiful girl I've ever met that own a heart as big as the ocean. She was kind and compassionate. Damn! I was definitely turning into a mush or I was just slowly falling in love with her. I really hope for the latter.

"I'll do it, so it wont take years," she grumbled.

I let her finish what I started even though I was beyond nervous. As if sensing my agitation she muttered closely to my face, "I wont cut you stupid."

Her face mere inches away from me, and it took a lot of efforts for me not to kiss her and risk getting slash with a razor. She was so beautiful. Internally and physically. The little freckles on her face only made me want to kiss them one by one and the way her hazel eyes light up, God I wanted to frame her face all over my apartment.

I was definitely turning into a psychopath. Was it too late to register for that therapy?

"Sure," I replied sarcastically, " Go on."

she rolled her eyes, then began to sweep the shaver from my cheeck down my jaw line. I watched her, amazed, by the way she scrunched her eyebrows together trying really hard to even out the subtle on my face.

After a while, she chirped happily, "all done!" She handed me a wet cloth as I stared at the her work in the mirror. Pretty good.

"What do you think?" Her eyes hopeful.

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