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Charlotte Salvatore was pulled from the Other Side with a tug that ricocheted through her body and she woke with a gasp

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Charlotte Salvatore was pulled from the Other Side with a tug that ricocheted through her body and she woke with a gasp. There was a witch above her, Bonnie Bennet. Charlotte knew who she was because she'd watched, hopeless, as Bonnie chanted above her body for nearly an hour. She'd been confident at first but after a time, her excitement diminished and even her brothers left the room, unable to stand by and watch her failure.

Charlotte's gasp pulled Bonnie from her trance, breaking off she stared down at Charlotte in shock. She'd told the Salvatore brothers that she could do it, that she could pull Charlotte from the curse but quite honestly she didn't know if it was a reality or a fantasy.

"Holy shit it worked," Bonnie muttered to herself in disbelief.

Charlotte laughed in response pulling Bonnie into a tight hug, she wanted to thank the witch but she couldn't find words strong enough to say to her. Both Damon and Stefan raced into the room hearing Bonnie's silence and Charlottes laughter. No sooner did the two girls separate than Charlotte was pulled up into a hug between her brothers. All three Salvatores reunited at last.

Stefan and Damon had endured a century and a half thinking their sister was killed on the night they were but that she hadn't recovered without Katherines blood in her system. They'd spent a lifetime regretting the moment they placed their desires before their family. When the tomb was opened and they found Charlotte rather than Katherine both brothers knew she would be their redemption.

Charlotte had spent her time watching the world go by, trapped alone on the other side. She'd spent a century and a half without feeling another person touch her skin, the constant cold of absolute isolation. With her brothers puling her tight, she felt overwhelmed with emotion. She was finally alive again.

Bonnie slipped from the room as the siblings embraced. She did want to talk to the girl, learn about what she'd been through but it wasn't the time nor her place. Finally they separated, all a little shaken with the emotion clouding the room.

"It's odd over there," Charlotte explained, "on the Other Side, it's like I'm here in this room, but if I try to speak or touch anyone, no one can feel or see. You couldn't talk to anyone at all, people who are alive can't see you, and you can't see anyone on the other side with you. I watched you guys though." At this Charlotte paused, she wanted the mood to lighten, "Damon that 80's hair did not suit you."

Damon screwed his mouth up in annoyance, "Oh yeah? Did you see Stefan in the 90's that was brutal."

"Grunge!" Charlotte exclaimed with a laugh. Stefan watched the siblings with amusement, he was relieved to have his sister back. So relieved in fact, that Stefan had entirely forgotten that his girlfriend was due to be sacrificed that evening.

Charlotte had fallen silent, she was looking at the door now where Elena Gilbert, and Elijah Mikaelson stood. She knew about the problem of the doppelgänger, the moonstone and the hybrid and she knew why the Original was here with Elena. Charlotte knew Elijah, but he certainly didn't know her.

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