Chapter 43: Fuck you.

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(Athena's P.O.V.)

It's now the middle of the night and I can't sleep. There are so many factors playing into this restlessness. One the fact that I have my mother in law and a hand full of armed guards with me. Then there is the fact that my husband is an asshole. 'Wait, speaking of husband he never did tell me why he questioned me.' I think to myself.

I get up from the bed and head to the door only to be stopped by a few guards. "Ma'am you should go back to bed please." The one guard says. I turn and look at Stephens "You can either call your men off so I can have a chat with my family or there can be problems. Before you answer just think that I have had a horrible day and now I have to go talk to my idiot husband Oh and I'm starving plus I feel like crying. With that said choose wisely." I explain. Stephens nods to the man to step aside. "Wise choice. Now I know you are going to get on your little secret service talking watching thing and be like prego is on the move so while you are doing that can you inform everyone that I'd like to speak to them and also I need someone to make me a cheeseburger and fries with a milkshake. I'd like a banana and peanut butter one please. Thank you. Oh and can you tell them to add a slice of pizza know what no cheeseburger and fries just a large pizza with mushrooms and pineapple plus the milkshake and ranch on the side. Thank you. Just have everyone meet me in the room from earlier.... nope change that to my husband's office I really like his chair." I ordered.

Walking into Vincenzo's office I find everyone already there except Katherine. "Kitten I hear you can't sleep and need to talk. Would you like me to read you a story." He smiled. "Yes, pick the one where my husband is actually not an asshole. You can find that in the fantasy section of the library." I replied. I walk over to him and he opens his hands as if to hug me. "Get up." I say. "You do know this is my office and my chair?" He asks. "You do know that if you don't give me that comfy chair to rest in I will never sit my hooha on your dick or face again ever. Well maybe the face but never the other." I replied. He stood up stepping aside to let me sit. "When did you become so cruel?" He asked hurt. "When you act like you now let's talk. My turn to ask everyone questions." I inform.

"Where is Elizabeth?"

"Died." My father said.

"Why is Katherine still alive then?"

"For information and to use her as bait." Vincenzo replies.

"Bait for what?"

"For the Russians" his father says.

"What do the Russians have anything to do with anything?"

"They are coming for you" my Grandfather explains.


"The leader seems to be mentally unstable and think your his." Vincenzo speaks

"How does this involve Nicholas?"

"He is the delusional leader" my father comments.

"What do you mean he thinks I'm his? Like what is going to happen to me?"

"Nothing is going to happen to you." Vincenzo said as he kneeled beside me grabbing my face softly.

At this time my food came and I push out of his hands to eat.

"Did you just push me away for food?" He asks.

"Is the Pope Catholic?" I replied taking a huge bite of pizza.

"Where do you pack all this food?"

"The place you'll never see again my ass now shut up." I take another bite.

"Back to it now. Why does he think I'm his what does he actually want."

"He thinks he has claim on you and wants to marry you." His father says.

"Well one no one has claim over me but me. A growl came from Vincenzo's chest. However if anyone were to have claim over me it would be my husband." I explained.

Vincenzo's puffed out his chest like a proud peacock.

"Plus he can't marry me if I'm already married. Plus there is the little thing of me not having those feelings for him anymore. Truth is I don't think what I felt was actually love but a admiration for him as my bestfriend and a innocent crush at the most." I continued.

"Now why is Katherine bait that makes no sense."

"Well I guess she has been messing with him for a while now and promised to get you for him and in return he would keep her as his Mistress." Caleb answers.

"I look at Vincenzo. You would never do that would you? Like keep a Mistress or cheat at all again?" I asked with a shakey voice.

"No never, I never wanted to to begin with. You are my everything." Vincenzo says as he holds me.

"Right so here is what we should do." I say drinking my shake.

"What we should do?" Caleb asks.

"Yes, so like knock Katherine out place a bomb on her. Wheel her out to them pretending to be me and hand her over once she is handed over pop goes the weasel." I say taking another bite of pizza.

Everyone looks shocked. Vincenzo's face then turns into a smile.

"Damn I so badly need to be inside you right now. Fuck that was the most erotic thing I have ever heard. However not going to really work but I love that you went there." Vincenzo says as he adjusts his pants.

"Well then what now?"

"We let them come and then we fuck shit up." Caleb explains.

"Oh have you ever watched 300 and their battle strategy you should do something like that. That or i don't know if you know this but Alexander the great was amazing at battle strategy.  He would have the enemy come face on with his huge army while a select elite few would sneak behind and surround them." I explained.

"Which that strategy can totally work if you have alot of your men cover the bomb shelter under ground from here which leads to the forest on both sides of the road and to the forest in the back of the house so that when they come and surround the house they will actually be the ones surrounded once the men are called into position." I continued.

Again shock written all over their faces.

"Where did you come up with that?" Vincenzo's father asked.

"Oh I don't know. I just mixed Alexander the Great's strategy with a zombie apocalypse video game I used to play. I mean I'm not sure if it makes sense but I think it will work." I explained.

"That's it put the pizza down. Stand up and bend over I'm fucking you right now you sexy bitch." Vincenzo said.

"But my pizza?" I whined.

"Caleb and the rest of you can put her plan into affect immediately and close the door on the way out. I need to help my wife sleep by fucking her into oblivion. Oh and Philippe I assume your men can take care of the Katherine situation. That way I'm not exactly breaking my word." He explained.

They all got up shaking their heads and left.

"Now my lovely sexy wife sit here on the desk and lean back." He said as he lifted me up onto the desk.

"But I want to eat." I whined.

"And so do I. You can eat your pizza as I eat my midnight snack." He said as he undid his shirt and sat in his chair pulling my legs up on the armrest. He buried his face in between my thighs and I gasped as I was trying to eat and started coughing.

"Don't choke. Be careful." He said in a playful tone as he went back to what he was doing.

"Well hell I think I can die happy now. Pizza plus a licking equals heaven." I say.

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