Episode 1: The Masked Man

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Episode 1: The Masked Man

"Fuck my life."

Valentina whispered the curse after finally realizing what was happening.

Her manager had pushed her with excessive force in the direction of a famous screenwriter.

The middle aged bald guy who sported a pot belly grinned slimly.

She couldn't help but gag a bit at the hairy navel that was visible through his suit, all thanks to it being a size smaller than him.

The buttons were practically on the edge of bursting loose.

The thought of it actually happening brought her a wave of nausea.

"You're the rookie actress everyone's been talking about, right? Miss Flores?" His eyes squinted behind his tiny mask to take a good look at her face.

It made the woman relieved that she had her own covering her face so his eyes couldn't feast upon her in great detail.

With pleading eyes, she turned back to search for her manager who had promised that this masquerade party would be a life-changing experience.

Turns out he had meant it in the way that she hadn't thought of - in a bad way.

She had just made her debut six months ago. Though it was as a side character in a low budget film, it still meant a lot to her because it was another stepping stone towards her dream. Her dream of being an actress in Hollywood who was well respected and loved by the general public.

As she returned her wishful gaze to the man before her, the woman acknowledged that this dream was going to be extremely difficult to achieve.

Especially when she wasn't going to climb a bedpost to get there.

"Say, Miss Flores," the screenwriter purred, drawing her attention at the clear intent in his voice. "Do you think it would be possible for you to keep me company tonight? I heard you're very much interested in the role of Riley for the new movie I'm pushing forward."

Valentina's lips parted slowly as he took a heavy step towards her.

"So what do you think? Are you willing to leave here with me and hear about my eager anticipation to have you-"

Her eyes widened when his sentence ended there and he chuckled almost unapologetically.

"Be a part of our team that is."

She knew that there were scumbags like him in this industry, hijos de putas as she would lovingly regard them as in her mind, but not once had she had the displeasure of being confronted by one.

Yes, the agency which signed her wasn't known to have the best track record with regards to looking out for their female employees against harassment like this.

She tried very hard to not ponder on it much though because they were the best among the worst which had given her a chance in this industry.

A piranha in a sea of sharks.

Something was always better than nothing, she had concluded optimistically.

Even if that meant they were possibly dangerous too.

It didn't make her feel very grateful for the opportunity now that she realized they had only brought her here with the plan of procuring her for a future role.

If that wasn't the most insulting thing she has ever experienced in her life she didn't know what was.

"Mr. Harrison it was right?"

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