Chapter 1

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"Tris please get up! Time for school!" I hear my mom yell. Ugh! I'm the new girl again. Oh well I'm use to it. I've been kicked out of many schools.

"Tris!" My mom yells louder.

"I'm up!" I yell back.

I get up and take a shower. I get out and dry my hair and leave it down. I go to my huge walk on closet. I have a lot of clothes. Wonder why? My parents are rich. My parents are directors and producers. I don't like to show it off so I wear simple clothes. By simple, I mean black. It's my favourite colour. I grab a loose black shirt, black ripped jeans, black converse but I changed the laces to chains, I grab my motorcycle gloves and my signature leather jacket. For make up I put on mascara, eye liner, I do a black smokey eye, and red lip stick.

People think I'm the coolest, badass girl who practices shooting a gun. Yes I am pretty badass, I can beat up five people in five minutes. I can throw knives, shoot guns but I also dance and do gymnastics. My parents have been trying to get me into a movie but I said I'd only do one if it's an action/adventure movie.

"Tris hurry up!" My brother, Caleb, yells.

"I'm coming! Plus we have 40 minutes until school starts!" I yell back.

"I want to get there early!"


"Take your car! I'm taking my motorcycle!"

I grab my back pack and gym bag and head down to the kitchen. I don't feel like going down a couple flights of stairs so I use the elevator.

I walk into the kitchen and smell bacon. Yum.

"Hey Lucy." I say. She one of the chefs.

"Morning. I made your favourite. For the first day."

"Thanks so much." I grab a couple and head out the door. I hop on my motorcycle, tuck in my hair in my helmet, and head to school.

I love my motorcycle. It's black and has dark red skulls on them. It also has a radio built into it. Red lights is on.

When I go in the parking lot, everyone's eyes are on me. Why wouldn't they be. It's not everyday someone comes in on a motorcycle with they're music blasting.

I park and I get off. I take off my helmet and shake me head like they do in movies. Boys whistle. Girls start whispering and are giving me death glares. This'll be fun. I grab my bags and head towards the school.

I reach the office and head to the front desk.

"Tris Prior. I'm here for my schedule."

"Oh yes yes. Your brother was here earlier. Here you go. And your locker 364 that's on the third floor." She says.

"Thanks you." I say and walk out. Still eyes are on me. "What?" I ask everyone. They go back to their conversations. I roll my eyes and go to my locker.

I finally find my locker. All around me I here 'Is that Six?' It's so annoying but I still smirk.

I put my gym bag in my locker with some books that I don't need today. I look at my schedule.

Tris Prior - 364

Day 1 (odd days)
Homeroom: Ms. Wu - 352
Assembly: Auditorium
Period one: Math - Ms. Matthews - 143
Period two: Art - Ms. Wu - Art room 2
Period three: History - Mr. Jones - 216
Period four: Gym - Coach Amar - Gym

Day 2 (even days)
Homeroom: Ms. Wu - 352
Assembly: Auditorium
Period 1: Science - Ms. Parks - 223
Period 2: Free Period
Period 3: Geology - Mr. Williams - 131
Period 4: Music - Ms. Wu - Music Hall

I walk into my homeroom class and almost every seat is taken except for the ones in the front.

"Welcome Tris! Please take a seat to where ever an empty seat is." The teacher, Ms. Wu, I'm assuming says.

I definitely don't want to sit in the front, I want the back corner, but it's already taken. Oh well, I'll still get it.

I walk up to the dude that's sitting in it.

"What do you want?" He says rudely.

"This seat." I smirk. He chuckles and stands up.

"Well princess, we can't get everything now can we?"

I grab is arm and flip him. I take is bag and throw it at his stomach and I sit in the seat.

"What's your name?" I ask.

"Peter." I says sharply.

"Well Peter, I get what I want. One way, or another." I smirk.

"Whatever. Lynn, get out of that desk." He says to the girl beside me.

"No. You can sit there." I point to the empty seats. "At the front of the class."

A bunch of people 'ohhhh'. It's funny. He pouts and goes to the front.

"You should hang out with my friends and I." The girl, Lynn, says.

"Why?" I ask. She was about to reply what Ms. Wu starts talking.

"Okay let's go to assembly then everyone come back here after. By the way, these are your permanent seats until further notice." She mainly looks at Peter. "Let's go."

"I'll tell you along the way." Lynn says.

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