Chapter 29: Taken

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He threw his head back in laughter and his colleagues followed suit. That man turned around facing another.

"I guess your speculation was right."

In a small apartment, all alone. Felix slowly pried his eyes open, slowly getting up. It's been two days since he met Jason again and after receiving his message, he vowed to reply later on but eventually forgot about leaving it unanswered.

Felix grabbed his phone lying on his brown wooden bedside table. He got up from his bed rubbing his eyes as he walked towards the bathroom.

Once he got to his small bathroom, he looked down at the message once again. Remembering it.

Of course, he wanted to see Jason again after all these years seeing his face again it lit a fire in him. He desperately wanted to feel that warmth over and over again but right now his mind was troubled.

He had to make sure that if he got back with Jason which he was uncontrollably compelled to do, he'd be able to stay without being scared of the next time he'd leave.

Lifting his fingers to type Felix messaged back to Jason.

FELIX: Meet me a-

Felix never got to finish the sentence. In no time he was struggling against the hold on an unknown figure behind him. He looked down and saw a black gloved hand clasping his mouth shut. Instantly adrenaline shot throughout his body and he began thrashing in man's arm.

The man didn't budge, and Felix tried to force a scream despite his sheathed mouth.

However, nothing was audible.

Amidst the thrashing, Felix's phone fell onto the tiled floor, his fingers successfully pressing the send button seconds before.

A needle then pierced Felix's body and soon everything became hazy. Felix's eyes began shutting down and he could only mutter a small sound before falling into complete unconsciousness.

The man who drugged him then proceeded to drag him out of the house. He stuffed the boy in a car nearby.

It was bright and early in the morning so there was nobody there to see him. He stepped into the front seat, adjusting the mirror to see his reflection.

His face was impassive as he drove off.

A ringtone soon burst within the walls of the four-seater car. Upon answering it a voice began talking.

"You got him?" the man replied,


"Nice. I hope you're right about this Philip. We haven't had wolves for a long time now."

"I know for sure. Everything will go to plan."

On the way to his destination with Felix in the backseat Philip couldn't help but rehash all the events that had led up to this moment.

To this glorious moment, which would lead to the death of Jason Stone.

After the incident in the closet with Felix three years ago. Philip found himself a purpose. After observing Jason, he knew he wasn't like other kids.

There was something about him and he tried to warm Felix. He tried to save him but since he couldn't believe him, he knew what he had to do.

For three years, Philip has been following and gathering intel on Jason, his dad, his business and everything.

Until he came across a website. At first it seemed crazy and unbelievable. It was a group of hunters and they were known to hunt humans who had the blood of ancient mythical creatures. Philip, didn't believe in it either but after being shown proof he couldn't deny it any longer.

After digging more into Jason, he found out he was in Detroit and reached the jackpot when he intercepted a phone call from the house he was staying at. He knew that Jason was a wolf and immediately alerted the group. they tried to find Jason however by that time he moved. Back here. And now was the time to draw him out.

Since nobody knew how far Jason's development of reconnecting to his wolf was,  the plan was to simply kidnap someone important to him and when he smelt them, they'd ambush him and kill him.

Just like he did to max.

Philip came to a stop. In front of him were an army of tall green trees.

"We're here." Philip said to himself looking at the back of the car observing his captive.

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