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all right good fucking evening people I am using voice to text to create this because I am too lazy to type so that is why there are actually capital letters in this chapter I know crazy right

OK so today I am complaining about people who do not know how to do dialogue properly

And no no I'm not talking about the very confusing process of like "oh do I use a period here or a comma here" nope i'm fucking talking about people that do not start a new paragraph every time someone new is speaking

did you pass first fucking grade are you kidding me how can someone be this fucking stupid and I don't care like "oh it's just my writing style" like shut the fuck up are you dumb are you fucking stupid like holy shit no it's not your "writing style" you just don't know how to write

Do you know how annoying it is when you really like a good description for a story and then you click on it and it's literally just one big paragraph for the whole chapter like bro are you fucking kidding me what the fuck what kind of hell scape is this shit

if you do this drop your addy so we can link up and it's on fucking sight

I will beat the fuck out of you and I will have a great fucking time doing it because if you do this shit you deserve divine fucking punishment bitch it's disgusting and you need to learn how to write

If you do this to your poor poor story it is automatically dog shit and I honestly feel bad for it

that is a threat this entire chapter is a threat to people that do this if I learn what you look like and I see you it is on sight and I will beat the shit out of you because who the fuck in their right fucking mind does this shit

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