The Fitting

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Antonio entered the fashion district with a lump in his throat, suddenly worried that Lovino might find his visit mildly creepy and stalker-esque. Regardless of this fear, he wandered off looking for the Armani store, determined to reunite with Lovino. Upon seeing the Armani logo sitting under the picturesque arches of the building, he looked down at himself and cringed. He was wearing an old t-shirt and shorts with a long oil stain on the left side. The Spaniard felt severely underdressed. 

Knowing he probably looked like he had wandered off the street in search of a bathroom, Antonio figured couldn't just walk into the store and ask for Lovino by name. That might look a bit odd. He leaned against the edifice for a minute, crafting a story to figure out what he was going to do once he managed his way into the store. 

After a minute or so of not-so-foolproof planning, Antonio strutted through the ornate glass doors to be greeted by horrified stares from the security guard at the entrance and a woman standing near a display of sunglasses. He must've looked far too rambunctous for a luxury clothing store. Almost immediately the woman standing near the glasses plastered on a fake smile and approached him. 

"Can I help you with anything today, sir?" she asked with the same cadence as a person who just witnessed someone pick their nose in church. Antonio most-certainly looked like he had walked into the store by accident. 

"Yes. My friend is getting married and I want to be the second most-dashing man there" Antonio replied with his ever-so-charming smile. The woman shifted her stance and giggled as his flirtatious allure changed her initial assumption of his character. "I'm thinking a navy suit."

"Sounds dashing to me" she replied with a coquetish glance, "I'll go get Lovino. He is our in-house suit expert." Antonio nearly let out a sigh of relief. Sometimes he was very glad for his ability to flirt with women. The skill was never necessary, but it came in handy on numerous occassions. 

The woman returned a few moments later and gestured towards a doorway that Antonio assumed led into the fitting rooms. "You can take a seat in there, he'll be back in a moment" she spoke, giving one last smile as she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. 

"Thank you" Antonio shot back, trying to remain composed as he passed through the doorway into a room containing a ridiculous amount of suit jackets. Everything about the store was cold. The marble floors, the metal racks, and the black trim made him feel very out of place with his ratty sneakers and messy hair. He was just glad that the woman at the front wasn't outwardly verbally judgemental when he first walked into the store. 

He took a seat on one of the oddly-shaped black sofas, twiddling his thumbs as he prepared for Lovino's entrance. A minute or so later, he heard footsteps and saw a familiar-looking man enter the room, looking down at a Giorgio Armani-labelled iPad in his hand. It was definitely Lovino. Antonio was not one to get nervous, but he suddenly could not speak. The Spaniard shot up from the couch suddenly, not wanting to be seated for this reunion. 

The round-faced, sweet Italian boy had transformed into a handsome young man, with a sharp jawline and piercing amber eyes. Antonio felt slightly intimidated, his former best friend looking incredibly sleek in a suit that fit him like a runway model. His hair, still chocolate brown and slightly curly, fell onto his face so perfectly that Antonio wondered how it was possible. The only thing Antonio could find on him that was out of place was the pesky curl he had always tried to slick down. The man looked expensive, and held himself as if he knew that. 

Besides the fact that Antonio genuinely could not muster up a sound at the sight of his long-lost best friend, Lovino had always been a shy kid and Antonio didn't want to freak him out with a sudden ambush. Instead he waited for the Italian to look up from the iPad.

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