The Fight - Chapter 4

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Jeff's POV

"You just had to come and ruin my party, huh Lover Boy?" I growled.

"I... told you to s-stay away from h-her." Toby said. I swear you could see the hot air puffing out of his nose. He was pretty ticked off at me.

"Yet here we are..." I said with great content. I saw the gears turning in his puny brain. Of course, that's when he lunged for me.

Toby's POV

"Yet here we are..." Jeff said. I wanted to kill Jeff. I lunged at him. I made his stagger down to the ground, almost breaking his leg. I swatted at him. I ended up punching him in the face, causing blood to trickle down his nose. I stood up, looking at Jeff and his bloody nose that was dripping blood down to his mouth. I saw Jeff cover his nose and uncover it, causing him to see the fresh blood on his white, blood-stained jacket.

"You dick!" I heard him scream at me. He lunged at me, knocking me to the ground as I was try to get free. I kicked as I blocked his weak punches. I saw him bring out his knife, raising it above my head. Before he could even split a hair on my head, I pulled out one of my hatchets, blocking the knife from hitting my face.

I then realized I had brought out my old rusty hatchet. Jeff wasn't exactly the best at physical combat, but if you gave him something to break, he will break it. For example, an old hatchet that could break any second with enough pressure.

I struggled to keep the blade from cutting my head in two. Jeff laughed as he saw my struggle, pushing more force onto the hatchet and I heard a slight crack. Then I realized that my hatchet was...

"N-NO!!" I screamed.

"Whats wrong TICCI?! Scared of your little old hatchet breaking?" Jeff mocked, his eyes becoming more crazed and insane. My eyes widened as I kept hearing the snapping of the wood of my dad's old hatchet. I stare long and hard at him, my eyes switching from the axe to Jeff. Still hearing the cracking of the axe until everything goes black.


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