Chapter Two

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  Hayden and Minako are meeting their three friends at their local Starbucks. Minako watches Hayden intensively as Hayden is drinking her double chocolate chip Frappuccino fast.

"What?" Hayden asks with her mouthful.

"We need to talk about this "Seiya" thing," Minako sighs.

Minako still couldn't believe that Seiya has come back around Tokyo. She suspects that he's after Usagi again...

Minako knows deep down that Usagi is not over him and she's afraid that their paths will cross again.

Before Hayden could explain herself, Ami, Makoto, and Rei came over to their table with their coffees.

"So, what's so urgent that you made us get out of bed early on our days off?" Rei asks in a hum while she sat close to Hayden.

Hayden doesn't say a word. She wants Mina to explain everything. Mina waits until their three friends are settled in before telling them the shocking news.

"Seiya and Hayden went on a date last night!" Mina shouts out causing the people around her to give them a dirty look.

"That's not how to announce this sort of thing! It wasn't a date!" Hayden groans. She should've known that Mina wouldn't explain this situation right!

Ami, Rei, and Makoto's eyes widen while their jaws dropped. The three of them thought it was a joke... There's no way Seiya would come back here!

"Wait, Seiya's here?! Where is he? Has he hit up Usagi?!" Rei gasps.

"What do you mean you two went on a date?!" Makoto adds.

"Wait, start from the beginning!" Ami begs.

Hayden took a deep breath. "Do you remember that I had a date with this "Chad" guy from Tinder? Well, I went to a dive bar to meet him last night, but he turned out to be this old, creepy guy. Anyway, Seiya came out of nowhere and threatened him to leave me alone."

Ami, Makoto, and Rei lean in closer to hear more of her story. They are sipping their drinks, not taking their eyes off of her.

"Anyway, after he scared the old guy out of the bar, we were drinking a lot. We then got an Uber back to the apartment and..."

Makoto interrupts Hayden. "DID YOU GUYS HAVE SEX?!"

Hayden groans, putting her head down while the people around them are giving them dirty looks again for being too loud.

"No, no! Well, we did... Foreplay... Twice." Hayden bit her bottom lip. Her face is beat red.

"This is not good... Should we tell Usagi?" Ami asks Minako.

"No, I think we should keep it on the down-low," Minako answers.

"Usagi won't shut up about missing him, though," Rei sighs in annoyance.

"So, wait... What was their relationship like? Could you please tell me?" Hayden asks in a whisper.

Deep down, she doesn't want to know but if she continues to see Seiya, she has to know the details.

Usagi's friends look at each other, thinking about who should explain the whole situation but Ami volunteers before they start bickering.

"So, our junior year of high school, Usagi's boyfriend Mamoru, left her to study at a University in America but before he left, he proposed to her at the airport. She gladly accepts with no hesitations but things got a little... Strange. Three new transfers came to our school. One was Seiya and the other two were his brothers. Seiya fell for Usagi right away but Usagi didn't go for him because of her loyalty for Mamoru," Ami explains.

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