(Oreola) semi rude but hardly a death sentence

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Truuuly: "Oh totally, no I totally get it. This is a complete waste of time for me, but it's essentially community service because this is so good for you. So you tell me about the - what are we calling them, the victims? The deceased? - and I'll explain how I'm not involved."

Oreola: "Victims is good. ChilisHo was the first."

Dorkidoria swipes some images of the crime scene off her screen and into the air between them. Truuuly makes a face like when you get a Collagen Bomb from Rising Perception and it takes a second before you remember it has activated elderbirch in it.

Oreola: "ChilisHo spoke online a few times about a negative interaction he'd had at a Literal Transcendance. It seemed like he was trying to make it into a thing."

Truuuly swipes something on her screen, bops her head back and forth like she's weighing her options. "I mean. It's just a little in poor taste, but more from Chili's perspective. Weird for him to take an offensive posture like that against one of our brands when aligned with theirs. Assigning your UBI to a brand at Personhood Day comes with certain expectations. But if there was drama Chili's would have handled it in house, not us. And 4Spirit and Chili's are fine. We don't see them as... [makes a hand motion that seems to me "they are not on our level"]", which strikes Oreola as true.

Dorkidoria: "2nd one. BrabMeetsWorld." She swipes images into the air, some of which feature Oreola, holding the victim, covered in his blood.

Oreola: [tries not to have a reaction, hopes no one notices her slight flinch]

Dorkidoria: "BrabMeetsWorld attended a party at Faith in Hunger, catered by ReLiGion. There was a video of him taking one sip of a Molecular Harmony Bullet and then dumping the rest out on the floor, a video which went hugely viral. Could possibly be viewed as pretty disrespectful to the brand?"

Truuuly doesn't hesitate: "Not could be, to be clear: it is quite disrespectful. He's lucky to experience that bullet. Think of all the people who aren't at that level and can't participate in an interaction like that. But I'd argue it's more disrespectful towards the city as a whole than the brand itself. And let's also be clear: this video didn't go viral because BrabMeetsWorld dumped a perfectly good product out, but rather because of the way CandyCate happened to be dancing and gyrating in the background, so it looks like the bullet being dumped out is, how should we put it. Orgasmic. Ejaculate. Sexually related, put it that way. I mean it is funny."

Oreola & Dorkidoria: [no comment]

Truuuly: "So, semi rude but hardly a death sentence. Plus CandyCate ended up launching a campaign with ReLiGion after that."

Oreola: "Yeah they had her lie on the ground and someone dumped their bullet out and she caught it in her mouth. Most of it. On her face, anyway."

Truuuly: "Lot of positive sentiment from that interaction. ReLiGion inarguably benefitted from BrabMeetsWorld's actions, so. Anything else?

Dorkidoria looks at Oreola. "Uh."

Truuuly: "That's it?"

Oreola: "There's others, but the 3rd victim, Hahanowait.." Oreola is embarrassed even continuing this sentence, the connection is so tenuous.

Truly: [does a motion like come on already.]

Oreola: A few days before her death Hahanowait went out with a group of friends to a SuperZyme for a launch party but at the last minute she peeled off and went to a Mooooodpotion instead.

Truuuly: "¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I guess don't have anything to say about that. Her body her choice. Doesn't feel like much. I mean what do you two think. You're there, you're the experts. I just want to be helpful."

Dorkidoria: "I think we've got everything we need. For now."

Oreola: [is mortified at the "for now"; they both know this is their only shot with Truuuly]

Truuly [swiping through a few more images of the crime scenes] "Wow. These are all really bloody. It's kind of a lot, yeah? Like...we get it."

Oreola: "This is random but the 2nd victim, before he died. He said "monster." Is that what you see in these photos?"

Truuuly: "No. I mean. It's always a monster, every season, right? We just move the definition around, apply it to whatever we need. I have used that word to describe my brother. I'm sure they use it all the time at Power+Sanity to describe me. Someone's just doing this. Idk about monsters."

She finishes looking through the photos and then swipes them away, clearing the space between her and the girls.

"4Spirit is family owned organization with a number of sub-brands. I try to be responsible for all the messaging but at the end of the day, there are many factors. I guess, all I'll say is, from my perspective, which to be clear is not the collective perspective of 4Spirit, when we feel negative about our personal brands, that's when we tend to push that outward, and act out against other brands. And you know what? Honestly? That's OK. Is it illegal, yes. But between you me? The brands can take it. That's part of what we're here for. Interacting with brands is healthy, frankly, whether it takes a positive or negative turn. Those relationships, sharing how we're feeling, it keeps us healthy, alive. My controversial take, the thing I argue about most with my father, is that brands should not just be the recipient of positive interactions. We have to be real. We have to be authentic. And sometimes that means weathering a negative interaction. And being really present with it. To me, in the aggregate, these interactions aren't positive or negative, they're al just opportunities for us to be real with one other. It's what makes these relationships we build together so fulfilling. It's what makes life so amazing. It's when we don't interact with brands, when we keep all those feelings and emotions inside. That's when we really need to be worried."

Dorkidoria: "Wow, yes."

Truuuly [standing up just as Cool-Skeleton-Dance enters, carry three bags]: Thank you, this was a really fun dialog. We've got some stuff for you to take back with you.

Dorkidoria: "omg thank you so much. Do you want us to do interactions here are at home?"

Truuuly: "It's just free shit. If you make a big deal about it online people will say I'm buying you off. Just enjoy. A token of my appreciation."

Oreola: "OK wow thank you so much for your time, we know you're so busy. We really appreciate it."

Truuuly: "Well, keep me posted. I mean don't really. I'm sure this will all get sorted out. I have to say.. This has been interesting. You have what, a year left?"

Oreola: "That is correct."

Truuuly: "Hmm. Idk. This felt comfortable, right? I mean you coming in here and really pushing, asking me some hard questions, not letting me or what I represent off the hook. That's not easy. Depending on how things go for you maybe we can find a way to work together down the road."

Truuuly nods at Cool-Skeleton-Dance, who gently guides Dorkidoria & Oreola out of the building. They manage to keep it very cool and profesh until they get to their car, when they finally scream and scream and scream, laughing and hugging and clutching each other and falling onto the floor of the car.




Oreola: "I 100% THINK THAT TOO."

The car pulls out and they start going through the bags to see what Truuuly gave them.

Oreola: "We're not like any closer to solving the mystery but if that was a dead end..."

Truuuly easily finishes the thought. "Bitch if that was a dead end I love dead ends. Keep my ass in dead ends all the time. Fuck me up with dead ends for days."


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