My New Family Problems---11

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My New Family Problems, that turned my World Upside Down

Chapter 11

Isolation. That's what I did. I isolated myself from everyone for the rest of that Saturday. It work quite well actually.With me living in this house all my life I knew back ways to get anywhere and everywhere in this house with out being found. As of right now I'm hiding in the attic on this Sunday evening around 7pm. Hiding from everyone. Still. I already know what their eyes would show when they looked at me. Mother's would be harsh. Jamison's would be shocked. The twins would show understand and wonder, and lastly Braylon. Braylon's eyes would show concern. I couldn't face them. My mother's pregnant and I ran from her. I couldn't help it! I mean yes I was happy that I was going to be a big sister, but I also couldn't help but think this would make me loose any chance of getting her to care again.

I know I'm being selfish, but I ask you what would you do if you were a girl and you're mom used to be your roll model then suddenly she stopped caring?

The attic door opened braking me from my thoughts, quickly I jumped up and rushed to get down the little hole, which dropped out into my closet. As I got the lid/door shut my feet slipped from the shelf I was on and I fell to the floor of my closet with a loud smack. Which really hurt my butt. The door opened then.

"Where have you been!?!?!?!?!?!" Jamison shouted. And I flinched back. His tone was so harsh and it scared me. The way he towered over me, shouting and red faced from anger. "Tell. Me. Now." I pulled myself back away from him and when I was leaning against the wall I curled up in a ball.

"Ember..." I didn't respond to him. "Emberlee please look at me." I did, but only out of fear that he's get really mad if i didn't. There was no anger on his face, no anger in his eyes. Jamison pulled me to my feet and hugged me gently. In a caring way. Did he really care? " Ember sweety I'm sorry." He said and I burst out in tears before shoving him away and running out of my room. That was the same thing daddy had said before he left. "Ember!" I heard him shouting after me, but I didn't care I just ran. Ran down the stairs past the twins and past Braylon who was just opening his door.

I could hear multipul foot steps following me, but I ran faster down the last flight of stairs and towards the door. mother. Who was standing there with her arms crossed. I slid to a stop which cause me to fall on my butt yet again.

"Emberlee Nicole where have you been? I demand to know as your mother."

"I've been around the house." I told her shakily, as i tried to stand up. Braylon and Jamison had just arrived. The twins shortly after them I willed the tears to stop and so they did. For now.

"Tell me where you've been Emberlee. Tell me now." My mom yelled.

"I told you I've been around the house! I've been everywhere in here just to avoid everyone. Now please leave me alone." They all stood shocked and I walked away as calmly as I could. "And mother." I called half way up the steps."Congrats on the baby. I'm happy for you. Honestly I am." Then I ran up the my room. Locked the door and spent the rest of the day there blasting music and singing along with it.

Beep,Beep,Beep,Beep, SLAM!

Dumb annoying alarm clock telling me it was Monday morning.

Reluctantly I got up and got dressed for school. I put minimum makeup on slipped on some black flats to match my plain black shirt and dark washed jeans before grabbing my bag and walking down stairs.

"Morning." Mother said from the dinning room table.

"Morning." I told her and everyone else who was at the table eating a big breakfast. I walked past her and into the kitchen. I searched around before I found what I was looking for. Once I found it I walk back to the dinning room and ate my apple. With my mother and Jamison staring at me.

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