Ch. 6

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^that's what I envision Sang to look like in my story. Hope you're okay with it.

Chapter Six


"High five!" Silas bellows excitedly as we won another basketball match against Victor and Corey who are the losing team. I slap my hand over Silas', laughing in success, almost choking in the process due to my throat. "We make a great team, aggele!"

I make a noise of agreement and Silas and I do the victory dance we made up a while ago, rubbing it in the losers' face.

When we arrived at the mall two hours ago, we did some shopping, at least the boys did. I didn't really spend the little money I brought. The boys insisted that they would pay for anything I choose to buy. But I declined, they didn't give up that easily though. Then, we decided to go to the arcade to play some games. We played some video games and then some pinball machines.

We were about to leave when I caught sight of the basketball hoops. I told them if we could play one more game, and they agreed, we broke into two teams. Kota took a pass, opting on watching us play. Victor and Corey actually played well (but we played better) which was unexpected, I thought Victor would've been more finessed or self-preserved like Kota.

Kota's chuckles along with Victor and Corey's grunts drifted into my head, cutting off my thoughts.

"Yeah, yeah, we get it. You won, okay?" Corey rolls his eyes, playfully. They were just sulky because we singlehandedly won every match. Well, maybe I cheated a little, so what?

"You didn't play fair at all." I hear Victor murmur although I don't think it was meant for us to hear.

I beam at Victor, shrugging my shoulders nonchalantly. He stares at me in awe for a second before returning my smile.

"How much time do we have left?" Silas asks, after we made our way to the exit of the arcade.

"It's half past three. We still have half an hour before we have to drive back home." Kota replies, checking his wrist watch.

Kota looks around the blatantly crowded mall. "So, where should we go next?"

When my stomach growled, they all explode in laughter. I blush embarrassedly.

"Hopefully, that answers your question." Victor chuckles.

"The food court it is then." Kota nods his head with a grin on his face. "I am pretty ravenous myself."

Silas takes a hold of my wrist. He tugs me towards the direction of the food court.

"Quickly, aggele mou is hungry."

We reach the food court shortly as the smell of different heavenly delicacies hit my attentive nose. There was a variety of munchables, be it chinese, japanese, mexican, italian, and even filipino food was being served in hot and ready platter. I almost drooled openly from where I was standing.

Victor pulled me towards the italian section, saying he wanted me to taste something. I agreed because I don't think I could choose, there were too many likable options. Silas made a beeline at the greek booth while Corey went to order some korean bibimpab and jjajangmyeon and Kota bought some chinese ramen.

Victor ordered the food for me as I reached into my pocket for my money. I was about to pay for whatever he ordered for me when Victor sternly stopped me.

"Hold on, princess, I'm paying." he looks at me pointedly. I admit he looked hot like that, but I'm still going to be stubborn a-hole. They've been nothing but nice to me since yesterday and it's time to return the favor.

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