Tick, tick, tick.

I groaned and blinked fiercely.

Tick, tick, tick.

I let another exasperated sigh blow out.

Tick, tick, tick.

Why was it taking so long? I was one more stupid tick away from banging my head on the table repeatedly.

"Ms. Stronghold, staring at the clock will not will it to go faster, nor will it get you out of doing my work." I turned my head from the taunting wall clock and sheepishly looked towards Mr. Wortley.

Science was my last period before lunch. It was also the only thing stopping me from finding the cast list and stopping the nervous butterflies that had set up residence in my abdomen.

"Would you relax Fiona." Austens' hand pushed down on mine and I realised I had been annoyingly tapping my pen on the tables surface.

"Sorry. I'm just impatient." I whispered to Austen while keeping my gaze locked on the wall. Mr. Wortley had seemed to forget that my attention was no longer on him and continued his lesson regardless of my never ending nerves.

"Why are you acting nervous. Everyone knows you got the lead." Said Austen.

I dropped my eyes to Austen and looked into his familiar muddy eyes. "Do you think I was good enough?"

"Of course," he replied sincerely and squeezed my hand. "Why do you care so much anyway. I never took you for a performer. You seem more afraid of attention than one to embrace it."

When did he become the next Sherlock Holmes?

"I- I just, um... trying to do something new." I nervously answered. If Austen knew I was only in the play to be near Henry then I would quickly become a joke.

I know my reason started with me owing Tony but why can't I have my cake and eat it too? I can pay my debt to Tony and be glued to the hottest boy I knew.

Sounds selfish doesn't it? Well... it is senior year, maybe Tony was on to something about 'making it count.'

"You're hiding something aren't you?" Austen asked with an amused grin.

I pushed at his shoulder in an attempt to hurt him but with Austen built like a brick wall, it came out playful.

"I am not!" I scoffed in an anooyed whisper.

Austen chuckled, and I watched through my slit eyes as his body shook. "You stuttered through your answer, that means you're hiding something. Don't worry, I'll figure it out soon."

"Don't eve-" I was cut short when I heard the glorious scream of the school bell ringing. I shot Austen another quick glare and ran out of the classroom.

I let my short legs pull me across the crowded hallway. Lucky for me, traffic was going in the opposite direction towards the lawns for lunch. I reached the end of the hall and found the staircase. I quickly groaned and sprinted up the stairs trying not to remind myself that I had three flights of stairs to run.

By the last flight I was bent over and panting. My chest ached and my breathing was laboured. I crawled up the last few steps while using the railing to drag my limp body up.

"Wow but you're unfit Fiona!" My head shot up at the sound of an all too familiar smooth voice.

"How did you get here before me?" I whined.

Austen extended his hand to me and I reluctantly let him help me up the last step till I was Standing upright. I tried to ignore how great his hand felt enveloped with mine.

"You were so quick to leave class you probably forgot that the school fixed the elevator."

I gaped at Austen. "Are you for real! I just ran up three flights of stairs for nothing!" I yelled and forcefully pulled away from Austen.

I threw my hands up in the air and screamed into the secluded stairwell. "I hate this school!"

Austens' loud laugh ripped through my tantrum and I turned to see Austen toppled over with his hand clutching his stomach as his laugh continued to ring out.

Once he had controlled his breathing and dried his tears, he walked over to me and stared amazed in my direction. "You know, for a girl who managed to go four years unnoticed, you're pretty loud and entertaining."

I glared at his handsome grin and turned from him. I walked quickly towards the notice board where I found a small gathering of people. I quickened my pace.

"Yoh dude! I did it!" Henry screamed in my direction and after a rather embarrassing pause, I realised he was talking to Austen who was a few paces behind me.

Henry ran to Austen completely unaware of my existence. I frowned though it wasn't anything unusual. Henry never noticed me, but this play was going to change that.

Tony stood by the board with a naughty grin and motioned for me to look at the page. I scrolled down the page until my eyes landed on my name.

Fiona Stronghold to play Jane Bridges.

I screamed and jumped excitedly into Tony's awaiting arms. I let him swing me around with his strong arms tight around my waist. Once I was on the floor, Tony leaned in and kissed my forehead. "I knew you could do it lovey."

I grinned at my sweet best friend, "thanks Tony. What part did you get?"

Tony's smile grew to the point where I thought it might have been touching his ears. "The only one I wanted. You are looking at your new brother."

I squealed and hugged him tight. After letting him go I quietly smiled as I thought how no one would be a better match to play my brother than the one person I already consider my brother.

"Congratulations Fiona."

I tensed as I felt a pair of warm large arms wrap around me from behind. Austen's voice was low and seductive near my ear and his breath sent an unwanted amount of goosebumps to rise.

I swallowed deeply and slowly pried his arms away. My body was screaming no, but my mind was screaming 'pervert.'

"Don't do that." I chastised.

Austen rewarded me with a lopsided grin. "Get used to it."

My breath hitched. He couldn't mean what I thought he did. No, it wasn't supposed to be like this!

I rushed past him and stared at the sheet.

Oh no! How could this be!


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