[Love and Tears] part 27.

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One week later.

Christmas had come and gone. I had went to visit Jay as I did everyday. My birthday had come and gone, meaning I was finally sixteen! Three years ago my parents, not-really-my-parents-now, died. I frowned, along with every good thing there was a bad thing to follow.

It was new year yesterday and I spent it with Jay in the hospital. He still hadn't woken up yet.

Steve and Dan stayed with me, which I didn't like seeing as they think it's my fault that Jay's in here. I suppose it is but they don't have to make me feel all guilty about it. But I sucked it up; they were his brothers and I understood they wanted to protect him.

I wondered who'd wait in this hospital if it was me in the coma. Would Jay do the same for me? Would Danielle come? Would my mum?

Every day for the past week I had visited the hospital. At times, it made me feel upset because Terry was just down the hall, practically dying, and I didn't even give him a second thought. June was there with him, she was looked like she was dying herself. The thing that got me is June's not even family. She's just staff. I'm family, well kind of, and I hardly even thought about him.

Danielle came to the hospital now and again to check how things were. She'd bring me food, water, magazines and spare clothes seeing as most nights I spent it in the waiting room.

Chris stayed with me whenever I stayed, comforting me and telling me things were going to be ok. As much as I wished I could believe him, I knew I shouldn't get my hopes up just incase.

Danielle bringing 'tent' magazine didn't help either. There was an article in there about a woman who fell into a coma at sixteen and woke up thirty years later as a forty-six year old. It made me feel sick. What about her friends? Had they gotten bored of waiting for her and forgot about her? In thirty years, did atleast one person stay with her? Or did she end up having no-one?

I gulped. How long would Jay be in a coma? A month? Two? A year? Thirty? Would I even still be here if he woke up in thirty years? My head over flowed with questions, causing a headache to come along.

I was too busy pancking to tell Danielle off, so Christopher did it for me.

Dan and Steven often just sat there in their seats, arms folded, looking straight ahead. From time to time, they'd share the odd line but that was about it.

Jay's mum hadn't turned up which got me quite concerned. Why hadn't she shown up? Wouldn't she atleast want to know if her son's still alive?

Asking Dan and Steven wasn't an option either. If they ever came across her they'd just laugh and make a rude remark about her. I didn't mind not knowing anyway. All I wanted was for Jay to wake up.

The longer he stayed in a coma, the more something hard pressed down on my heart. I really wanted to know what he was feeling. Was he feeling the pain of his broken hip or did he just feel like he was asleep?

I inhaled a big, long breathe before letting it out quicker then it came in. I groaned to myself.

"Do you guys want anything?" I asked, getting up out of my seat and planning to head to the vending machine. I bet I looked terrible, but I didn't mind.

"No," Dan replied, not even looking up to face me.

"Get me an orange juice please," Steven said.

"Yeah sure," I replied, glad that Steven had said please to me. Before he used to just give me orders, so I appreciated his kindness.


"Apple juice please," He said.

"One orange juice and one apple juice. What about you Danielle?"

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