Percy's POV

Annabeth and Percy walked, hand-in-hand, down Long Island Sound. The wind rustled Annabeth's blond hair and a hurricane stirred in her gray eyes,making her look more beautiful than Aphrodite herself. The sea mist revitalized her facial features, and her clever smile made her all the more beautiful to Percy. She wore a comfortable sea-foam green tee shirt (Percy's favorite color-so sweet!) and faded jeans. Seabirds swooped down and ate off the water. This was Percy's zone. He felt like he could protect his fiancée better here, although he was engaged to the daughter of the goddess of battle strategy, so she could protect him just as well. She didn't even have a strongest suit; she could kick butt like nobody's business whether they were in New York or New Delhi. I guess you could say she was way out of his league, but that would be a lie. All me to introduce: Percy Jackson, son of Posiedon, Hero of Olympus. One of the seven. Got it? Anyway, Annabeth pulled him to the iron fence on the side of the way. Holding her Celestial Bronze knife to his throat, Annabeth stared solemnly into Percy's eyes.

"No.sudden.moves." Annabeth breathed. Percy didn't question, although his muscles tensed. See water rushed through his Neptunian veins; a tempest stirred inside his heart. Percy would die of grief if Annabeth didn't live to see her own wedding; if Percy didn't spend all of eternity with this wise hottie, he had no idea what he'd do. All of a sudden, without notice, Annabeth swung around with her dagger and ended up coming face-to-face with Grover's nose. The satyr was munching a churro and was taken aback by the very very pointy knife at his throat. Annabeth slapped him and sheathed her dagger. "You stupid satyr! I thought I sensed monsters. Why on Olympus do you smell like a monster?!" Annabeth yelled. Grover held up his hands in surrender.

"Cool it, Annabeth. Why can't a goat enjoy a churro? It's just my new cologne, L'Attraction de Monstre." Annabeth took the glass bottle of cologne from Grover.

"You idiot! L'Attraction de Monstre means Monster Attraction. Grover, your new "cologne" is suicide!" Annabeth smashed the bottle onto the cobblestone. "I better not ever smell a death wish scent on you again." She scolded. Annabeth was a born leader; like a mother to everyone, including her future husband. And, unfortunately, Percy didn't speak French. Ashamed, he tossed his own bottle of L'Attraction de Monstre into the ocean. Annabeth grabbed Percy's hand and they followed Grover down the way. Grover was now crunching a cola can he had found in a trash bin. Annabeth nestled her head on Percy's shoulder, and held up her camp necklace to show off her ring. Percy had spent weeks at Hephaestus cabin forges crafting the band, carving his and Annabeth's name in the inside of the band. With a little bit of help from Percy's dad, Poseidon, he had encrusted rare seashells from the beaches of the Aegean Sea in the outside of the band. Athena had donated the 14 carat diamond from her own tiara to award the stellar achievements of her daughter. Percy had been keeping the ring hidden in the hilt of Riptide, so Annabeth had seen it several times during Capture the Flag but had not given it a second glance. Percy remembered the proposal well, as it had happened earlier that morning:

Percy approached Annabeth, who was reading a camp-owned copy of the Illiad on a bench at the dock. He sat next to her, and hid her leather satchel under the bench. Annabeth noticed Percy, giving him a kiss on the forehead. Ah, how Percy loved it when she did that. Annabeth reached to put the paperback in her bag, noticing that it was gone and slapping Percy's hand. Percy retrieved the satchel and handed it to her. "Hands off my stuff, Seaweed Brain." Even Annabeth's insults meant "I love you". Percy grasped her hand and led her toward the dock. Hugging Annabeth, Percy stepped into the Sound. Percy couldn't take his eyes off Annabeth as he created a protective bubble around them. Annabeth kicked her legs up on the side of the bubble and smiled admiringly at Percy. They were eighteen and had been dating steadily for a few months now; Annabeth didn't know what was coming, though. Percy removed his pen and it transformed into Riptide (Anklusmos in Greek), his majestic sword of Celestial Bronze that had slain many a monster. Annabeth leaned back, fearing an unplanned execution; but Percy knew the wiser. He removed the band from its cavity in the hilt of his sword, and Annabeth immediately burst into tears and slid up the side of the bubble. Percy got down on one knee and held the ring to Annabeth. Shaking, she held up her hand and Percy slid it on her finger. Annabeth's tears kept streaming as she kissed Percy. Percy ruffled Annabeth's curly blonde hair, and Annabeth laughed and cried at the same time. "Of course I'll marry you, Seaweed Brain." Annabeth said, her voice cracking. Percy let the bubble popped and, hand in hand, they swam to the surface and climbed to the surface and climbed onto the dock. They sat there 'til dinner, when Chiron noticed the ring on Annabeth's finger.

"Dear, where'd you get that ring? It looks expensive. The Hermes cabin hasn't-" Annabeth chuckled, holding up her hand so that Chiron could see.

"Percy proposed," Annabeth said, showing him their names on the inside of the band. Her smile was bigger than the Empire State Building.

"Annabeth, that's amazing! But you know," the centaur said, removing Annabeth's clay bead necklace, "this is your biggest camp honor of all." Chiron slid the ring onto the necklace next to Annabeth's dad's college ring. Annabeth beamed, and Percy came over and slid his arm around Annabeth's shoulders.

"Hello, Chiron." Percy said, nodding his head in a bow of respect. "Did Annabeth tell you? Is it acceptable for two demigods to marry?"

Chiron smiled. "Of course it's acceptable. You two make the perfect match." He looked around and lowered his voice to Annabeth and Percy. "So, when would you like to make the announcement?" Wedding announcements seemed like the Aphrodite cabin's thing, but Chiron usually dropped the big bombs (meaning big announcements). Chiron stepped up to the dais and took the bullhorn from a daughter of Apollo, who was singing magnificently. "Attention all campers. I have an important announcement to make. Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon, and Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, have made the decision to get, erm, hitched. The ceremony will take place..." Chiron leaned toward Annabeth and Percy, who exchanged quietly before answering. Chiron returned to the bullhorn. "Two weeks from now, May 13. In the forest; same spot where Annabeth and Percy first met in Capture the Flag six years ago. You all know the place." Camp counselors who had been there chuckled, remembering the display. Chiron stepped down from the dais, and Percy and Annabeth were instantly bombarded with excited campers. Clarisse La Rue, the aggressive head counselor of the Ares cabin, pushed through the crowd to Annabeth and punched her playfully on the arm (almost dislocating her shoulder).

"So you two dorks are getting hitched?" Clarisse asked in her husky voice. Annabeth shuddered and nodded. Percy stepped in front of her and pasted on a fake smile.

"Yes, Clarisse. We are getting married. Thank you, goodbye." Percy and Annabeth left on their evening walk down the Sound.

Percy would always remember that proposal. Annabeth leaned her head on his shoulder, batting her eyelashes. Wise, strong, and beautiful.


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