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"You look cute like this."

She blushed and hid her face with her math book. It was not the time to get flustered, Hanako stuck to the girl like glue. Always 'bothering' her in class and showering her in compliments, of course she liked when the ghost complimented her,

Why wouldn't she like when her boyfriend told her how adorable she was? It made her ego grow as big as her blush.

But she was supposed to pay attention to the class, Aoi looked at her way worryingly so she shook her head and smiled at her. "Are you trying to ignore me?" He pouted.

Yashiro started writing and Hanako peeked; 'I need to pay attention, sorry' But I wanna spend time with you, class can wait." He smiled childishly. She shook her head and listened to the teacher as best ad she could with the clingy supernatural next to her.

He kissed her cheek which drove Nene insane- Or close to. Her face turned as red as a tomato. Aoi turned to her "Nene-chan, would you like to go to the infirmary?" The girl nodded and she notified the teacher.

"It's alright Aoi-chan, I'll go by myself." She walked away from the class' door and continued towards the bathroom. She wasn't sick so there wasn't any point on going there.

"Yashiro-" The ghost was interrupted by the mentioned girl walking towards him until he felt his back on the wall. She had closed the bathroom's door. Nene positioned her hands to her hips and sighed "I like when you compliment me but I really have to pay attention at that class."

"I know, but it's hard when you're really pretty." He laughed nervously, clearly kind of flustered while fidgeting with his fingers and looking away. She noticed his moon-shaped eyes shining brightly "I-It's okay, I forgive you- Just try not to do it again."

Hanako cheered and hugged Yashiro "Yay! Now, can I get a kiss?" His small smile resembled the one of a cat, she nodded and leaned her boyfriend in to her lips. He tip toed and their lips made contact for a few seconds.

She really loved him, like a lot. And he loved her too. "You look cute like this~" She quoted him when seeing how red he was. "S-Shut up."

- - - - -

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