Chapter 4: Contract

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- Castiel couldn't take it any longer. Dean still hasn't answered him on the contract and the past week hadn't gone by any smoother. Ever since he dropped one of his singers, most of her fangirls are sending hate mail and tweeting threatening things. Overall, Cass has had enough of it.

- Dean has had just as much trouble. He had been working at his Uncle Bobby's auto shop, but his pay isn't enough to get him through the week and Charlie hasn't spoken to him because he refuses to read the contract. Dean had called her multiple times but it always went to her voicemail of her just saying "gay" over and over until she finally says "leave a message after the beep" in a fake manly tone. Sammy hadn't called once ever since he moved, nor Jessica, and Mary and John went on a vacation for Thanksgiving.

- The whole contract is frightening itself. Dean knows it's nothing sexual but only his future written down on a ton of paper. If he is to sign it, he could possibly never get his old life back, and if he doesn't he'll never get to do what he's always wanted to do.

- Hard decision, and only one logical answer: ignore the damn thing, although Dean can't help but sneak a glance at the stack of paper on his desk every so often.

- Only one good thing is to come of the week, and that's Benny visiting. Dean insisted he's fine and doesn't need a babysitter but Benny ignored him and told him what day and time.

- And finally, today is that day.

- Benny had waltzed right in to Dean's small apartment and threw his bags on the couch, then engulfed Dean in the most awkward hug ever.

- "How 'ya doin' brother?" Benny asked in his accent with a small smile playing around his face.

- Dean shrugged and replied, "I'm all right, what about you?"

- Benny let out an airy chuckle and also shrugged.

- "Anythin' new happen since the last time I saw you?" Benny asked and sat at the small counter in the middle of Dean's kitchen.

- "Not really. I went home, crashed there for a couple days, met a guy on the side of the road, crashed at Charlie's house for two weeks, and bought this hell hole."

- "You remember runnin' into a guy on the side of the road from three weeks back? I wish I had a memory like yours," Benny said.

- "Yeah, well - we met again at a coffee shop, then when he asked me to sing there a week ago," Dean replied with disgust while talking about Castiel's need for him to sing at the café last week.

- "And?" Benny dragged out the word and waited for a detailed reply.

- "The man says its just gonna be me playing there, but there were at least twenty others! I thought he was one of em' mediocre - financially - kind of guys but apparently, he's a big time music producer and he wants to produce my music. I don't want it, Benny."

- Benny laughed as if what Dean had said were the funniest thing in the world. Dean sat there and glared at his friend and waited until he's face finally turned back to its normal color.

- "Are you serious? Take it! You don't wanna live in this cheap, shít apartment any longer than ya' have to! You're crazy for not have agreed to it already," Benny said and took a drag from the beer Dean had handed him a moment before.

- "Money ruins people, I don't want to turn out like Miley Cyrus. If I want to be happy, I can stay right here in Lawrence and work with Bobby."

- "You're stupid. Take the dàmn offer! I know you can sing, you know you can, he knows you can so what the hèll is holding you back? It all depends on how you use the money, and I have a feeling you'll be wise with it," Benny said and got up from the small table he and Dean are sitting at.

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