Behind the Party Scene

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Inspired by a true story

Joyful speech filled the room cluttered with bodies. Mmm navigated the room feeling it a pleasure to give passing people gracious nods. Jeemo, on the other hand, found himself moping around in a kitchen corner away from the crowd. On Jeemo's part, going to parties always sounded fun until people begin to have opinions that aren't his.

A few guests would come in with intent in their steps, but upon a narrow eyed glance from Jeemo, seemed to change there mind with some excuse. There were periods when the kitchen crew would make their rounds with thin lipped smiles. But at the moment, the room was vacant except for the little ghost of a man that was Jeemo.

Leaning against the counter with a tie loose around his neck, Jeemo gently swirled the glass of wine in his hand. The free drinks was bonus in coming to these events. In a moment when the muffled murmers of the party guest seemed uncannily quitet, a dark crisp voice spoke clearly behind Jeemo "Hello."

Jeemo flipped is his head around coming face to face with a slick, black coffee machine. And some how, Jeemo knew the word had come from it.

"H-hello?" Jeemo leaned closer expecting a reply, but the machine didn't so much as blink a small light of acknowledgement. With a hesitant finger, Jeemo click a button. A ring of blue shone around the silver button, but Jeemo clicked the button again making the light disappear.

Clearing his throat, he fixed his tie. "Must be bloody hearing things." He muttered before turning to go find Mmm.

Before he reached the door, one word spoke out.


Jeemo turned to shoot daggers at the coffee machine. "So you can speak!" Setting his glass on the table, Jeemo closed the distance between him and the machine. He gipped the counter and leaned in with a glare.

"Hello, respond," Jeemo began clearly stating voice commands, and clicking buttons. "Turn on, make coffee, activate..." A girl came in, champagne glasses stuffed in-between her fingers. At the sight of the man yelling at the coffee machine, she quietly backed out of the room. "... repeat, reply, speak, talk." Jeemo sighed, turning off the buttons on the machine.

"Fine, stay quiet."

Jeemo turned to go find Mmm, and leave.

"Hello." The machine said. Jeemo growled and left the room. Moments later, Jeemo was back in the kitchen dragging Mmm behind him.

"I swear, this thing is talking to me."

Mmm looked at the coffee machine, then gave Jeemo a curious glance.

"Just wait, you'll see." They waited. Nothing happened. "Oh! It only does it when my back is turned." They turned their backs. Nothing happened.

Mmm sighed, "Jeemo--"

"I swear to you, it spoke to me!" Mmm raised an eyebrow. "And it spoke more than once!" Mmm didn't lower his eyebrow.

Jeemo, once again, glared at the machine. Now it was making him look crazy, and this grew Jeemo's resentment towards it. Jeemo gripped the machine, "You better talk, you little bastard, or I'm gonna make you squeal!"

Mmm placed a hand on Jeemo's should, "Now now, it's not polite to threaten other people's coffee machines."

Jeemo released the machine with a huff. "Let's just get get out of here already." He muttered to Mmm.

"Agreed." Mmm turned and left the room.

Jeemo took a moment to glare at the machine one last time, before following his brother. But when Jeemo reached the door frame the machine spoke it's final word.


The unsuspecting machine was in pieces on the ground moments after.

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