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No one was a stranger to the stories of children born off of Amortentia potions

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No one was a stranger to the stories of children born off of Amortentia potions.

It was always speculated over one story-which again, no one in the wizarding world was a stranger of, Tom Riddle.

However, it did not mean they were incapable of it-though no one actually believed it. The thing was that people always looked over was that Tom Riddle was not influenced by the emotion whatsoever, so the reason for his lack of emotion was mainly because he did not receive it from anywhere.

The Amortentia potion did not have the ability to remove the emotion of love from anyone that was born from it, no matter what anyone had said.

Anyone can not know of the emotion if they never received it but it did not mean that it was impossible to feel it.

Most potioneer's had not cared about the potion itself, to prove the effects.

However, for Dahlia Jones-who was exceeding to become a potioneer had an attachment to the Amortentia Potion itself, but not for what many young witches and wizards sought from it-which was artificial love or to figure out who they were fond of through the scent that gives them the ability to decipher it.

She had a special reason for her interest.

It was not because she was one of those children born from the potion, it was her mother who was.

She wanted to break down the potion to understand the ability it had and to even one day prove that the potion was only temporary and it did not have the strength to remove an emotion.

Her mother who was often categorized as someone that'd never be capable of love even to when she had Dahlia, which had made parents that had known her mother to spread lies about how she'd just raise her daughter wrong and they expected the child to be trouble in the future.

Unfortunately, her mother had passed away from illness when Dahlia was at school and it was the reason, she was held back a year because she had taken a year off to mourn for her loss.

From the mouthful of nosey parents within the wizarding community-some students had gambled the death of her mother as suicide-because of the rumours that started through misunderstanding that Dahlia was a child born off of Amortentia.

Rumours that followed her mother killed herself because the man she put under the potion had found out-leaving Dahlia to becoming one of the rumoured kids that lacked love.

However, no one knew the truth except for herself and a handful of Professors, who couldn't even stop the fabrications from growing to this day.

Dahlia Jones had eventually come to live up to the rumours because she enjoyed the way students reacted whenever she had a new lover-that often just used her for entertainment and to experiment if she truly lacked love.

While that was the reason for them, Dahlia was clearly aware of it, but it never bothered her because it passed the time for her.

She did not want to commit because she did not want a reason to stop the enjoyment that it gave her.

It only heightened the Amortentia rumours to creating new ones for her reason of lacking commitment.

For her, she knew what the emotion was, she was no stranger to it, however, as someone who'd been forcibly titled over having the chance to deny the rumours, she soon had deducted that love was better off for everyone else but her.

She did not need it and she quite frankly made sure that she herself did not need to feel it.

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