Stuffy Nose Nuzzles

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Alfred let out a loud sneeze, sniffling after as Ludwig was quick to give him a tissue and wipe his nose for him.

"Pff, you're too sweet to me, Luddy-bear." He smirks, raising an eyebrow up at the male, "Wiping up my nasty boogers and throwing it away for me." He chuckles as Ludwig tossed the tissue into the trashcan.

Before he could answer, he himself sneezed.

He sighed heavily, sniffling as he glanced over at Alfred.
"I'm just doing my best to make you feel better." He smiles warmly as Alfred grabbed a tissue and practically stuffed it up Ludwig's nose.

"You care about me too much that you don't even care about yourself!" He ruffled up Ludwig's hair, staring into his tired eyes before gently taking the tissue out of his nose and tossing it away.

He sighed, Ludwig looked miserable, like he'd pass out at any second.

Of course, he wouldn't admit that.

Alfred gave Ludwig's hot cheek a sweet kiss.
"C'mon. It's nap time." He smiles warmly, taking Ludwig's hand in his as he practically drags him to the bedroom.

Ludwig huffed, "I don't need a nap... I'm fine."

Stubborn as usual.

Alfred turned and pressed a hand against Ludwig's forehead.

"Your dying fever is only gonna come back just as worse if you don't get some rest." Alfred lectured him, finding it a little funny that he was lecturing Ludwig of all people.

The German rolled his eyes, causing him to wince and press a hand against his forehead.

"Ow..." He whispers before sighing, "It's just a migraine, Alfred... it'll go away."

Alfred heaved a heavy sigh, grabbing Ludwig by the wrists and practically forcing him down onto the bed.

Ludwig's eyes widened, Alfred was pretty strong... a lot more than he laid on.

"No." He told Ludwig curtly, "You're staying in bed. No exceptions."

Ludwig felt a shiver go down his spine at Alfred's cold and stern eyes.

They normally weren't like that!

Ludwig avoided his gaze, "There's... work to be done..." He attempted to fight back, although his voice was rather quiet.

He did in fact feel miserable, his head was pounding and he felt terribly nauseous.

But, he just wouldn't admit it.

Alfred's gaze spoke for itself.

Ludwig was going to get rest, whether he liked it or not.

He gave in with a soft sigh, giving Alfred a gentle nod as he let go.

"Good boy." He smirks, giving Ludwig a short, sweet kiss to the lips.

Alfred snuggled up under the covers before nuzzling his way into Ludwig's warm chest.

Ludwig froze, but eventually relaxed, hugging Alfred close.

It was warm and comforting... everything that Ludwig needed.


Ludwig shifted a bit as he gently opened up his eyes.

He glanced over at the clock.

Damn... he'd only been asleep for half an hour.

He glanced down at Alfred, who was fast asleep.

He looked so cute... his messy blonde hair covering his eyes, his slightly parted lips, the sweet, innocent look on his face...

Ludwig couldn't help but smile.

He laid there for a bit, adoring his lover's apperence before carefully sitting up as not to disturb Alfred.

Maybe... maybe now he could get some work done.

He was feeling better... so why not?

He nodded to himself before standing and wobbly making his way into his office.


An hour had passed by, and Alfred had awoken to an empty bed and the sound of his boyfriend retching in the bathroom.

He felt his heart sink as he heard Ludwig's painful noises.

He was quick to stand up, gently peeking through the barely cracked door.

"Baby..." He whispers as Ludwig tiredly gazed up at Alfred, an almost needy look in his eyes.

"Silly boy... what in the world are you doing up?" He asks softly as Ludwig didn't even bother to think of an excuse.

"I... wanted to work." He weakly got out, his voice terribly hoarse.

Alfred gave Ludwig a small pity smile, gently shaking his head.

"Poor baby." He chuckles softly, gently running a hand through Ludwig's matted hair.

He gently helped the younger male stand up, slowly walking him back into the bedroom as he was quick to put the German down in bed, as well as grab the small trashcan nearby.

He sighed as he sat down on the bed next to Ludwig.
"Go to sleep." He whispers as Ludwig didn't even get an answer out, instead closing his eyes and falling into a deep sleep.

Alfred gently shook his head before carefully making his way into the bed, spooning Ludwig from behind as he wrapped his arms around him lovingly.

Alfred smiled warmly, eventually falling asleep himself as he gave Ludwig a warm squeeze.


It was 3 in the morning, and Ludwig felt his stomach churn as he painfully hung his head over to the trashcan.

He coughed out what he could, just barely feeling the comforting hand rubbing his back.

After a few moments, he slowly turned around, a weak expression on his face as Alfred felt his heart sink at Ludwig's pained expression.

The American scooted closer to him, gently rubbing a hand over Ludwig's aching tummy, all the while kissing at Ludwig's lips.

Good thing Alfred was sick, too, and that he couldn't taste or smell anything.
He'd hate not being able to kiss his baby.

Ludwig let out a sniff as he turned away a bit.
"N-no... I'm sick."

Alfred rolled his eyes, "I'm sick, too, silly goose." He chuckles, pressing a long kiss to Ludwig's lips, causing a whimper to erupt from the bigger male.

Alfred snickered a bit, running a hand through Ludwig's hair once more.

"It won't kill ya to get some sleep." He whispers, kissing his forehead before nestling into him happily.

Ludwig heaved a small sigh, but leaned into Alfred's touch.

Sleep wouldn't kill him... looks like he'd have to get used to that.

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