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"where the fuck is he?! i'll tear him a part!"

mingyu yelled through the hallways once he stepped onto school grounds, his rage igniting like a fire. every time he thought about minjae, thought about the recording, it just added to his anger that was growing inside him.

he stormed through the hallways, stomping his feet as he struck fear into the hearts of the students surrounding him, no one ever seeing anyone this angry, and it was almost if mingyu was about to murder someone. some students started to whisper amongst themselves, but mingyu didn't care. the only thought in his impulsive mind being to find minjae.

his head looks up when he hears the sound of minjae's laughter further down the hallway, who was talking to his friends about an unknown topic. his eyes locked onto minjae's blurred figure as mingyu walked with angry strides.

minjae's attention shifted to mingyu once the younger was a few feet in front of him, hearing his footsteps as he neared. minjae was about to say something until mingyu swung his arm towards minjae's face, his curled up fist making contact with minjae's left cheek. the hard blow caused minjae to stagger backwards, caught off guard by the sudden contact as he brought his hand up to the affected area, the pain spreading to the rest of the left side of his face. "what the fuck, mingyu?!"

"who took that recording?!" mingyu yelled out of anger, almost growling at the senior. minjae looked up to mingyu's shadowing figure, a smirk on his face as he knew exactly why mingyu was so angry, his outburst towards him being expected and a part of his plan.

"why should i tell you?" minjae spat, standing up straight to look mingyu dead in the eye. mingyu was looking at minjae with a death glare, the sight being pure amusement to the elder. minjae scoffed, walking closer to mingyu and getting up in his face, mocking him as he said, "aw, did i hurt the little delinquent's feelings? did wonwoo ditch you and now you're heartbroken?"

mingyu grabbed minjae by the collar, shoving him up against the wall of lockers as minjae let out a groan from the harsh impact. "don't fucking call me that. just answer my fucking question! who took that fucking recording?! why the hell are you doing this?!"

"i ain't gonna tell you." minjae declared. mingyu's hesitating silence was a chance for minjae to counter attack, and he took it. with one of his free hands, he threw a well-aimed punch to mingyu's face, allowing himself to be set free from mingyu's strong grasp as it loosened. mingyu stumbled backwards from the blow and felt a piercing pain when the senior kicked his side, sending him flailing to the floor.

no one decided to interfere. only watching from the side lines as the fight started to unfold and become a lot more brutal. the two boys were stuck in a fist fight, hard hits as bruises and small cuts started to become prominent on their skin.

mingyu swung blindly from beneath minjae, who towered over him, dodging every swing before sending a punch to mingyu's nose, small drips of blood leaking from mingyu's nostrils. minjae's hand wrapped around the younger's neck, slightly blocking mingyu's airway to breathe. "you know, it was funny how easy it was to break wonwoo's heart." minjae chuckled. "the guy really was trying to tell himself not to believe what i was saying, even though it was the truth. how fucking foolish."

"shut- up. you don't- fucking know- anything-" mingyu said through gritted teeth, almost losing consciousness from how long minjae had been holding onto his throat. but with all the energy he had left, mingyu managed to shove minjae off of his weak and beat up body, kicking his senior in the stomach to create a bigger distance between them to catch his breath.

minjae was knocked onto his back with a thud, groaning from the harsh impact, but still continued to provoke mingyu further and taunt him to the point mingyu's anger would take over. "i've known wonwoo for a long time, mingyu, much longer than you have. did you really think he was going to believe you? someone he just started talking to a few weeks ago?" minjae scoffed as he tiredly staggered to his feet, slouched and bent over with his hands on his knees, holding himself up to catch his breath.

mingyu stayed silent.

"that's enough, both of you!"

the boys, who were about to start a brawl again, instantly stopped in their tracks once they heard the familiar voice echo through the hallway.  they looked to their right to see wonwoo standing a few feet away, junhui and soonyoung behind them.  even minghao and seokmin arrived, approaching behind them.

"wonwoo" mingyu softly said, all the anger he was about to take out on minjae disappeared, the sight of wonwoo after days missing him, instantly made him feel better.

wonwoo walked over to the messily dressed boys, scars on their faces and bruises painting their skin. he sighed, turning to mingyu first. "i told you not get into fights anymore, remember?" his voice sounding so cold but with the small hint of worry, but his face looked so disappointed, as if he was just dealing with another misbehaving student, not the guy who shared euphoric feelings with.

"i know but-" mingyu was about to explain himself and his actions but wonwoo had already turned away from him, facing minjae who still showed the slightest hint of smug on his face.

"and you. you shouldn't be getting into fights either. you've only been here for a week." wonwoo turned away, not wanting to face either males and started to walk towards junhui and soonyoung again. "go to the counsellor's office before classes starts in twenty minutes. i already informed her of your misbehaviour." he commanded with a cold tone, and walked away.

after wonwoo and his friends left, minjae and his small group of people had left as well, laughing off wonwoo's orders and going back to their conversation and heading off to the locker room so minjae could fix himself up.

"let's get you cleaned up, gyu." seokmin suggested, lightly jogging towards the still boy. "you look like a mess."

"we'll treat you to some ice cream after school ends, okay." minghao smiled sweetly, looking into mingyu's eyes.

"okay..." mingyu muttered quietly, feeling his eyes become watery as they walked away, his mind and heart still yearning for wonwoo again, and again, and again.

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