Content Warning

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The story you are about to read is intended for mature audiences. It contains sexual themes, detailed violence and abuse, strong language, and disturbing situations. Even if you are over the age of 18, this book may not be appropriate for you as it is an extremely dark horror/thriller. 

If you feel triggered by:

The use of drugs



Physical & Mental Abuse

Please Do Not Read This Book. 

With that being said this book is not a romance, nor does it romanticize anything. It is also NOT an erotica. This book is intended for those who would like to push their limits.

This book was originally #4 on the Horror list before an anonymous person reported it and Wattpad took it down for "Policy violations". This book does not violate any of Wattpad's content policies. So please for my sake and for my readers sake, do not report this after you were already warned. If you do not agree with the content, please just move on.

There will be no more warnings beyond this one. The choice to read this book from this point on is up to you. Follow my Inkitt account just in case I am reported again and my stuff is taken away, there A Beautiful Evil will be posted as well.

If you are reading this anywhere other than Wattpad or Inkitt, please report it and report it to me. Please do not illegally post, download, or translate this story. 

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, and events are either the products of the authors imagination or used in a fictitious manner. 

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