Chapter 8

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             “W-why… did you do that, asshole? Why are you here? What are you doing? You’re girlfriend wouldn’t like this.”

Suddenly, Joshua goes into a trance and a moment later he gapes at me, “S-Shane… this has happened before… when I was with Taylor…”

That brings me back to when Joshua and I were in the woods right before Taylor raped Alexander. I said something like ‘don’t touch me!’ But neither of us could help it. I push him away gently and look at the ground, “Joshua, you need to go back to your girlfriend now.”

“She’s not Taylor, she won’t go after anyone.”

“I don’t care! I will never let anything like that happen to Alexander ever again and I refuse to be the cause of it again! Just stay away from me, Joshua. Walk away and don’t look back. You’re good at that,” I glare at him. My hands tighten into fists at my side.

“Oh, my God. Did you two seriously just do that fag shit?” We turn to see Cadence standing there, gaping at us.

I scoff then storm passed the both of them, not bothering to look at either of them. I walk back into the house in search for Alexander. He’s sitting on the couch, giggling obnoxiously at Ashton. I walk over to them and snag the drink out of his hand. I smell it. Ugh, it’s rum and coke. The smell burns my eyes a little. I look at the both of them, who look back at me as if they were in trouble. I give him back the drink, roll my eyes, and walk away. Alexander attempts to stand up and stop me, but he falls on the floor, giggling more. I sigh and pick him up, bridal style, and search for Steven and Alex.

“Shhhhhhane, thissss coke makes me feel a little funny, hic. It’s like… it’s like…”

“Alcohol?” I reply, finishing his sentence.

“Yeah! Like alcohol or sssssomething. Hic. You’re rad. I like rad people and you’re like… super rad…” he giggles more, his face all red from being drunk, “look at you… all rad and stuff… hic.”

“Ale-” I’m stopped when he puts his finger to my lips, “Ssssshhhh. It’s okay… Shaneyface. I-I, hic, just wanna…um… I don’t know what! Hahahahaha!” He bursts into laughter. He feels much lighter than I remember. Well, I guess when he’s drunk he’s back to his normal silly self. I smile a little, relieved.

I see Steven and Alex talking over by a corner in the next room. They glance over at me and start laughing, noticing a drunk Alexander in my arms. They walk over to us.

“So, do you think we can head home?” I ask them, hinting towards Alexander’s drunkenness.

“No! I don’t wanna! I wanna stay here and parrrrrrtay! WOO!” Alexander tries to get out of my arms, but I tighten my grip on him.

Two guys passing by look at us, drunk, and shout together, “WOO!”

Something suddenly catches the corner of my eye, so I turn my head towards the door to see what it was. What do you know, Sam just arrived. Awesome stuff right there.

“Shaney, please put me down now, hic, I wanna wallllllllk!”

I give in and put Alexander down, carefully. He wobbles a little bit, but keeps himself up. He turns towards me and suddenly, his eyes widen and he loses all color in his face. I turn around to see what he was looking at, only to find Sam came with a date. Obviously a date, since they’re holding hands and the guy is clinging to him. He looks familiar…

“Alexan-” I try to say, but he interrupts me, his gaze not leaving Sam, “Shhhh, Shane, hic, I’m busy…”

“…With what?” I notice Sam dressed as a zombie, and his date dressed up as a vampire.

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