Author's Note

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A-N: Hey everyone! My name's Aria and I really hope you enjoy this story! Just so you know, each chapter will have one POV. POV's won't change in the middle of the chapter.
Also, some chapters will start with a letter, and then will end with the actual person's thoughts on it or what they're doing or whatever. Each chapter will have a letter for maybe half the book, I don't really know to be quite honest with you. Haha just read, vote, and PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!!!! Hehe Enjoooyyyyy

BTW, Guys, there is some Tronnor in it but Troyler wouldn't happen in this story without the tronnor part. Literally some people get annoyed at me, but hey I warned you. I promise though, it's not a tronnor fanfic

~~PART 1~~

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