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Check-out Pia's new song, "Princess!"



"He call me honey baby,

He know I'm the princess..."

Butterflies flutter in my belly to the beat of my new song as our limo pulls up at the top of the red carpet. Except, I can see through the tinted windows, this carpet isn't red—it's pink to match the promo shoot hanging in huge posters all over the downtown building.

My face, glittering in full glam, reigns over everyone below.

"I been hiding six thousand miles away, chillin' on an island,

Phone is stuck on silent, me and him on private..."

As "Princess" continues to play loud through the LA night air, a crowd of fans holding homemade signs start to scream wild, cell phones poised ready to capture the big moment. They're ushered back by fierce-looking security guards, while behind them, camera lights flash at VIP guests posing in front of the press wall.

Any second now, their eyes will all be on me.

This is my moment.

I've worked my whole life for this.

"Swimming in this money, he be callin' me His Highness..."

"Oh, my god!" one of my best friends squeals from the seat beside me. Maya taps her phone screen, and her eyes sparkle like diamonds. "It's passed a million streams already, Princess!"

Those butterflies take flight in my belly again. You bet it did. It was impossible to sleep last night we were all so glued to our screens watching it climb the charts after its midnight release.

"Oh, I've got a good feeling about this song..." Valerie grins on my other side, and I pull in a deep breath as I match her smile.

I've got a good feeling about it too. I just wish this wasn't all so bittersweet.

"Princess?" My manager Kimi sits forward. "Are you ready?"

With a pout, I nod my head. "So ready." My hands slide over my custom-made Chanel dress as if to check it's all still there, every last twinkling Swarovski crystal. It has to be perfect. Photos from tonight will be all over the internet tomorrow, and if there's one thing I've learned about Hollywood, it's that appearance is everything if you want to make it around here.

"He liking what he see,

Palace like a fantasy,

Now he never wanna leave..."

The limo door opens, sound floods louder into my ears, and my heart beats fast inside my chest.

"You look amazing, girl!" Valerie gives my hand one last squeeze.

"After four hours of hair and makeup, I should freaking hope so," Maya mutters, and we laugh together as I scoot across the seat toward the door.

Between video calls and phone interviews with radio stations across the country, my apartment's been manic with a swarm of stylists and makeup artists helping me to look flawless all day. Hot and empowered, that's the vibe we're going for with this track. And honestly, we did good. I didn't get a chance to go down to the beach with the girls like I normally would this morning, but with the excitement of staying up through the early hours to share "Princess" with my fans for the first time and the anticipation of my first big release party tonight, it's been easy to forget the sand and sea and replace it with all the glitz and glam just this once.

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